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Aug 23, 2008 - Beef beef and more beef

It took 1 and a half days to get to Salta from Puerto. The morning we left Puerto we stopped in a town called San Ignacio and checked out some Jesuit ruins that were about 450 years old!!! Then more driving driving driving. Truck days(days between towns) are usually boring as hell and involve a lot of useless chatting, card games, toilet breaks and ipod sessions. When we got to beautiful Salta the first thing on the agenda was Argentinian carne and vino(beef and wine). My first impressions of the steak wasnt too good, but it was cheap. The...

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Aug 17, 2008 - Argentina, Salta & Cafayate

We left Iguazu late in the Afternoon on another long overnight bus heading across the north of Argentina towards the Andes. Arriving very early in the morning we were tired and hunrgy and found a place to rest for a few hours before setting out to wander the streets. Salta is a beautiful colonial town, one of the nicest we visited with lots of history and not being too large it was fairly easy to navigate on foot. The next morning we walked up a huge hill to a lookout where we got a 360 degree perspective of the area. A few days later we...

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Aug 5, 2008 - Cafeyate - a desert tour

Today we woke late though the hostel was silly noisey at silly o´clock in the morning which is strange as it was noisey most of the night. We went out to look around and have another go on the internet. Its so slow out here in places that we need 3 hours to do only 45mins of stuff that you could do back in the UK. Lunch was at a place on the square near to the bank, Frank had pizza and I had just a plate of chips as I wasnt feeling that hungry after my steak. The night before we had booked ourselves onto a desert tour which the hostel runs....

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Aug 4, 2008 - Cafeyate

Today we were up at 6am so that we could finish packing our bags and checkout of our room. We had a tour booked to Cafeyate, the bus picked us up at about 7.30am. The road to Cafayate is quite scenic but I still wasnt feeling my best so I sat on the bus for the 4 hour journey and listened to music and passed up on the photo opportunities along the way. From what I saw on Frank´s camera I missed out on some nice desert hills and tundra, some small tall canyons and thats about it. When we got to Cafeyate we visited a winery briefly where the...

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Aug 3, 2008 - Neil stays in bed, Frank goes to the Salt Flats

After feeling very funny in the tummy last night, I woke up this morning feeling terrible so decided my best course of action was to have another day in bed and miss out on the excursion that I have foolishly already paid for. According to Frank the salt flats of Argentina, which are 3 hectares compared to Bolivia´s 1000 hectares, "just aint as good!" During the day I managed to leave the hostel room and the ensuite bathroom which I had become very well aquainted with to visit the shop to get more water and to use the internet. All in all a...

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Aug 1, 2008 - Salta - Neil still not feeling so good

I decided today I should leave the room as I was probably going to get bed sores otherwise. I dropped laundry off at a laundrette even though Frank told me there were none in Salta and I found one within 3mins of our hostel. Then we went to use the internet which brings us to the present, should anything else eventful happen today I will add more.

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Jul 31, 2008 - Argentina - Salta - Neil has food poisoning :-(

A very uneventful day, we arrive in Salta at 5am after we were told we would arrive at 7am so chilled out in the bus terminal for an hour. The bus journey was surprising hot to a point where it was uncomfortable in trousers and a tshirt, this probably helped incubate my illness. Then we went to our hostel at 6.30am, an hour later we checked into our room and went to bed. Shortly later I woke up feeling sick and went to the bathroom to involuntarily evacuate lots of water from my body! I didnt leave the room for the rest of the day. Frank...

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Jul 28, 2008 - Argentina - Salta

With another box ticked, we left the falls, for two back-to-back overnight bus trips to reach Tucaman. We stopped in Resistencia for the day, which proved to be a waste of time. From Tucaman we hired a red car for two days and took the scenic route to Salta. We stopped in Cafayate for the night and then continued through some magnigficant landscapes and rocky formations. We then took a three hour gravel detour up a steep mountain to visit Cachi, a town far for anywhere with a few million cactus around. We thought it was time for a splurge...

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Jul 18, 2008 - Argentina - Salta

Sam was in his element as we were soon to be in Argentina once again. He could almost taste the steak and wine. The bus ride from San Pedro was pretty amazing through the Paso de Jama across a very wide and complete section of the Andes, the highest point near the frontera at 5,500m, breath taking in more ways than one as we passed snow-capped peaks, lakes and salt plains. 12 hours later we arrived in Salta, 1200m above sea level and surrounded by verdant peaks. We were looking forward to a more moderate climate, wandering through the...

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Jul 14, 2008 - Salta - Our last stop in Argentina

Our bus ride from Mendoza up to Salta, in northern Argentina, was our longest bus ride yet. A total of 19 hours plus a 2 hour stop in Tucaman. So almost 24 hours of travel. It sounds tough enough but to help us through the "pain" we paid the extra $10 and upgraded to "Primero Execujtivo" class. Generally the standard of buses in Argentina and Chile is excellent but what this gave us was seats that folded all the way back into a flat bed plus we were served a hot dinner with wine! So after a long night/day we arrived in Salta only planning...

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Jun 3, 2008 - Salta

well this is my last main stop in argentina before leaving civilisation to headup to bolivia. yesterday i took a nice tour of the surrounding mountains, they have differnent colors and stuff because of the volcanic past of this region, and the tectonic movements of the andes. there is alot of culture here because we are starting to get closer to bolivia, is the past the native south american people here lived with a really deep cultural history. the people here look alot more like bolivians and the town itself is not as nice as other...

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May 23, 2008 - Salta, la Linda

Mit dem Bus von Tilcara nach Salta um „12:00“ was dann in Wirklichkeit 13:00 war. Dann mussten wir durch 3 Kontrollen. Der Bus kam schon zu spaet, weil er an der Grenze zu Argentienien von Bolivien aus angehalten wurde. Bei unserer 1. Kontrolle mussten wir sogar auf son „Schlitz“ fahren, so dass die Beamten unter den Bus gucken konnten. Da sagte Luc dann ganz laessig, dass sie glaubte, es waere verboten Cocablaetter nach Argenbtinien einzufuehren. Ich hatte noch ein paar in meinem Tinkbecher... Das war dann schon nen Bissl nervenkitzlig....

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