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Jun 4, 2005 - Salta

IN ENGLISH BELOW Salta est de loin la plus belle ville argentine que j`ai visitee. C`est celle qui a garde le plus de son architecture coloniale et elle est situee dans une vallee au pied des Andes. Ce n`est pas pour rien qu`elle est surnomee "la linda", la belle. Il y a beaucoup a visiter dans la region, principalement des vallees mais ca represente de nouveau des heures de bus aller-retour. De plus, le Tren de la Nubes, le train touristique qui passe la journee dans les Andes est supprime pour l`instant. Lundi nous irons vers le nord,...

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Apr 28, 2005 - Destination le Nord

Aprés une après-midi de transfert et deux avions (beaucoup moins pénible que les 24 heures de bus requises depuis Iguazu), nous arrivons dans le Nord de l'Argentine. Il nous aura quand même fallu passer plus de 2 heures au comptoir de la compagnie aérienne pour arriver à faire modifier nos billets (initialement prévus pour la Bolivie). C'est en discutant avec d'autres voyageurs que nous incluons Salta dans notre périple. De l'avis de tous, c'est l'une des plus belles régions de l'Argentine. C'est aussi l'endroit où l'on a découvert...

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Apr 10, 2005 - Salta, Argentina

Well, after 28 hours on a bus I arrived in Salta from Puerto Iguazú. There is nothing special about Salta; it was just as far as I could go toward Bolivia in one bus trip. Boy, was that a mistake. After about 19 or 20 hours I started to go crazy and by the time I finally reached Salta at 1:30AM I was beat. Lesson learned!

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Mar 21, 2005 - North Argentina

So headed off from Cordoba not a moment too soon. I was starting to act a little too much like the argentinians. Coffee and medialunas for breakfast (sweet croissants), hamburgers for lunch and some meaty thing for dinner. Could feel the flab starting to grow. I even started putting dulce de leche on my bread in the morning (which i think is like caramelised sweetened condensed milk and an essential item on any argentian's breakfast table). Up until that point i had steadfastly refused to even consider trying it, and now i was putting...

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Mar 10, 2005 - Salta, Argentina

got here 2 days. salta is a realy nice small city, with old buildings and nice people. plus everything here is realy cheap... michal left us (rented a car with other israelis) so we are now 3. for now we are just wondering around the city, but we are planning to do some sight seeing around salta. we don´t know when we will go to bolivia. we understand that the situation there is better now, and that the president is back in power. we will wait here a few more days anyway. by the way - how can you tell when you´re near a border? the internet...

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Mar 6, 2005 - Salta, Argentina

It wasn´t an hour that we were in Salta and we were at the nearest restaurant having ourselves that nice big juicy steak that we had been dreaming of. We were starving and tired but Salta definelty cured any deprevations we had experienced in the previous countries. Salta is a beautiful sub-tropical colonial city lying just below 2000m in Northern Argentina. The weather is warm and it is feeling great to be out of the high altitudes for a bit. There´s so much to do in Salta´s and surrounding areas (river rafting, trekking, etc...) but we...

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Feb 25, 2005 - The long drives to Salta

Hello again! The next days were spent mainly driving and finding random campsites along the route to Salta in Argentina. We stopped at a Jesuit Mission and wandered round for an hour, imagining what life must have been like back in the days! We didn`t get enough out of it though as we didn`t have a guide to explain the history. At the first campsite Edu, the Spanish guy, took a few of us for a Body Balance class - he`s a fitness instructor back home in England! Excellent! And he`s on the trip all the way to Ecuador! I`ve missed exercise! It...

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Feb 25, 2005 - Salta

At long last I don't have to wear long sleeves, a jumper and a coat!!!!! Warm weather!!!! I decided to go on a tour of the north west of Argentina, so booked a tour and waited for the bus to come and get me- and waited and waited. I was convinced I had returned to Bolivia. Anyway, after an hour and a quarter, the bus turned up very apologetic and full of good excuses. WE went traipsing afound the valleys and mountains for most of the day, then hit the salinas on the way to Chile. It was quite different to Uyuni as it ws dry and we could...

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Feb 5, 2005 - Argentina - La Ruta de Los Vinos / Salta photos

Picture this ... you're on a wine tour. You're visiting one of the bodegas, admiring vines now heavy with grapes that should be ready for harvest in a few more weeks. You pluck sweet fat grapes from the vines, eating until your hands are sticky with juice and your belly is full. Ominous clouds darken the sky and the sound of thunder echoes around you. You move indoors, into the wine storage room where the bodega owner is explaining the bottling process. You start to hear the patter of raindrops as they hit the steel roof above. Just a few...

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Jan 24, 2005 - Salta

Well, that was Argentina, I came to spend about 3 weeks here and have spent over 2 months, tonight I get the bus to Bolivia and leave all of Argentina's comforts behind. Salta is actually one of the best preserved colonial towns in argentina and was a nice place to spend my last week in the country. I made sure I had the biggest and best steak I could before I left, it may be a while before I eat so well again.

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Jan 20, 2005 - Salta

Geographie · Salta Salta la Linda (jolie) comme bien nommee, Salta la ville et sa place du 9 de Julio, omgragee comme toutes les places ici, ses rue pietonnes ouvertes de 19h a 8h, et Salta la region aux multiples couleurs En esperanto, nous atteignons les 4000m pour marcher sur des Salines geantes (3m de sels craquent sous nos pieds), et rester sans voix devant les montagnes aux multiples couleurs. On a compte, il y en a bien 7! (bleu, vert, rouge, jaune, et euh, vous pouvez verifier...) On traverse des villages pre-colombiens,...

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Jan 19, 2005 - Argentina - Cafayate

We took a day tour to Cafayate which is a lovely old town at the base of the Andes. The journey each way was 180km through winding roads in canyons with red rocks. The locals had managed to name several of the rock formations and we stopped at several. Some were impressive and others we couldn't really understand !!! The one that stood out was the ampitheatre which has amazing acoustics and concerts are held there. We were treated to a man playing the recorder (not quite the philharmonic orchestra !!!) but the acoustics were indeed amazing...

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