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Apr 29, 2010 - Land of the Giant Cactii

Today was my last full day in the Salta region here in Argentina. I've stayed here as long as I did in Patagonia for due reason. The scenery here is simply amazing. Today's trip was up into the mountains southwest of Salta. The trip was more about the journey than the destination though. We drove along the bottom of the valley to our first 2 stops being old bridges, with great views of the valley. In some ways I'm glad i walked across the bridge and was not in the bus, just in case the bridge finally decided it had "had its day". After a...

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Jun 9, 2009 - Tour to Cachi

We followed a few herds of goats with a few ewes with new lambs along the road to Cachi. One lamb was so young the woman was carrying it. The goats look like boars. Lots of wild burros and a small fox that was maybe 5-10lbs. Looked just like a coyote but tinny. The landscape was really spectacular. The blue haze over the andes that surround us. The road was windy from the beginning starting at 8pm until returning at 11. We stopped at most of the small villages/towns that had their own special flare. Each with a white washed or cream...

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Argentina 2008-2009

Dec 29, 2008 - Off-road in the Northwest Province of Salta with the Bohns

When last we left off, our adventures in Argentina were headed back to Buenos Aires for one night after spending five nights in Patagonia. We arrived in Buenos Aires the afternoon of December 26th and headed to our hotel, Esplendor Palermo, a very small boutique hotel in the Palermo area of Buenos Aires. (NOTE: Lodging in BA is a fortune; we tried to find some good value hotels for our one night stays. We'd recommend this one simply as a place to drop your bags and head out on the town). After depositing our luggage at the hotel, we set off...

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Jul 19, 2007 - Argentina - Valles Calchaquies - Salta via Cachi to Cafayate

Loading up our little Peugeot with our guide and a French Reunion couple we headed out at 7am. We were prepared for a lot of driving and even though we have seen stunning semi and arid landscapes in the past this was still amazing. The little dirt road was very bumpy and dusty all the way as we headed up to Cuesta de Obispo, giving us sweeping views of valley floors and peaks. Parts of the mountains looked like silk while rugged peaks and cliffs revealed their natural and colourful minerals which when the sun shines on them gives off...

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