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Mar 9, 2005 - San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Today, I started to say goodbye. It´s March 9th, the last day of our trip together as a tribe. Most people are catching busses tomorrow to go where ever they´re going, but two people left just 15 minutes ago. It´s sad to see the tribe seperate, but I´m confident that I will see all of them again someday. So our last trip out together was in Parque Nacional Nahuel Haupi. I didn´t mention this in my last entry, but about a week ago, on our last day in Chile, I strained my knee when I fell crossing a river. I didn´t know that I strained it at...

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Mar 5, 2005 - Bariloche - Lake District

We stayed here for about a week as it was great and there wa loads to do. we went bike (riding for a change) ! and we hired a car and went on the lake to see the islands. The photos don't really do it justice (as i'm sure some of you (Mark) will tell us! It was so good we are hoping to save up some money to go back and go skiing in august time!

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Mar 4, 2005 - San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

So we´re back in Argentina. We just spent 11 days walking through the most amazing forests I´ve ever seen. We started at sea level in a town called Cochemó, where a finger of ocean comes inland. We followed the Cochemó river from it´s mouth to it´s source in the mountains. Around almost every corner the river jumped off a cliff forming beautiful cascadas (waterfalls) ending in deep, cold, crystal clear, blue-green pools of water surrouded by smooth, sun-warmed rocks. And all around me was the Valdivian rainforest. If I hadn´t known better,...

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Feb 23, 2005 - Bariloche..the Switzerland of South America

Ok..i know its been a while..it actually sucks to try and remember what i did 2 weeks ago...but i'll try... Bariloche is beautiful, but I will be saying that alot in the next few entries..its in what they call the Lake District..similar to Switzerlands lake district..although I've never been there..anyway, my parents had set up 2 different hotels for our 4 nights in Bariloche..the 1st one the travel agent recommended..and when we asked around about this place, noone really had heard of the place..the other place was Llao Llao..supposedly...

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Jan 12, 2005 - Really bad bariloche

I think the fundamental mistake was to actually make an effort to have a slap-up meal. Even went so far as to ask the hostel owner for a recommendation for a good restaurant to have steak. It was to be Michelle's first steak in argentina and probably the last as we were about to head on to Chile. We put it down to room temperature smoked trout pate served in a wooden bowl. Result: 24 hours wiped out in bed and bathroom with food poisoning. At least we were staying in a nice hostel and they didn't kick us out when we needed to stay another 2...

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Jan 10, 2005 - Haven't they heard of switchback trails?

So to continue the story. Decided to cut a 3 day hike down to 2 days by cutting out a detour to a refugio (hut/campsite) to stay a night. Day dawned incredibly beautiful - not so beautiful when 7.30am bus didn't turn up and we realised we could have slept for another few hours. We cheated a little on this hike by catching a cable car up the mountain and starting our walk on the tops of the hills. Absolutely stunning views down to lake that Bariloche sits on, and across north, south and west mountains, with a couple of snow capped volcanos...

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Jan 9, 2005 - Big Bad Bariloche

Rolled off the bus in Bariloche to a culture shock of reasonably big and busy argentinian town, full of argentinians on the summer holidays. Was the biggest town we´d been to since Buenos Aires and I don´t think we´re quite ready for it. Headed up the mountains after a couple of days for a 2 day hike - but you´ll have to wait until the next update for that.

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Dec 19, 2004 - Argentina - Bariloche

We arrived in Bariloche at about midday after a long bus journey with not much sleep. It is a beautiful mountain resort that is a major ski centre in the winter (thoughts of future skiing holidays passed through both our heads....!). We found a comfortable place to stay and then headed out to have a look around. Found a good Irish pub ! called the Pilgrim where they do good daily menus at a good price (about $5 for a 3 course meal with a pint of beer or glass of wine !). Went back there in the evening for a couple of bottles of wine and...

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Dec 8, 2004 - Bariloche

Although we`d only spent ten days in Chile, we needed to get a shift on in order to start the Torres del Paine trek before heading to Puerto Madryn for Xmas. We didn`t know what to expect from the Argentinian capital of the Lake District as we`d heard many mixed reports from other travellers. To cut straight to the point, we simply loved it and could easily have stayed there for a number of weeks. The bus journey astounded us with the surrounding views of alpine lakes, mountains and waterfalls... some of the most picturesque scenery we`d...

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May 22, 2004 - Bariloche

Hi all, In my last major update from Cordoba I said I was going to Bariloche, well I got there in the end via a 3000klm detour to the End of the World. I decided that if I am travelling to Canada I might as well get as far away from my destination as possible in order to really begin my travels. So I bought a plane ticket to Ushuaia. Ushuaia is at the very southern tip of Argentina and is the southernmost city in the world. 1000klms from Antarctica and 2000klms from the South Pole it has a cool (figuratively) frontier town feel and a very...

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