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Mar 22, 2005 - Bus to Mendoza

22nd March - Got to Mendoza around 9am and this dude called Max canvassed his hostel to us. Did the normal trick of where you from. Giving the answer he then saying in your local lingo "Conas a ta tu". We went with him only because Rebecca and the other girls from the Millhouse were ment to be there. The place was a dive, dorm had 14 beds. Neither of us were happy with the place. Headed into town for brunch which consisted of err yep you guessed it a steak. Honestly it looked to be around 15oz (see photo). Did the city tour that nite and...

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Mar 21, 2005 - Suedamerika 6 (Navimag - Villarica - Mendoza)

hola amigos y amigas nach weiteren drei wochen voller sehenswuerdigkeiten und erlebnisse hier der newsletter 6: jaja beim zweiten anlauf hats dann mit der navimag faehre in umgedrehter richtung von puertonatales nach puerto montt doch geklappt und wir hatten 4 super tage auf dem schiff. aber angefangen hat es damit, dass wir in natales einen alten pfadikollegen von mir, naemlich omega von wangen, mit freundin mauela getroffen haben und sich herausgestellt hat, dass sie auch auf dem schiff sind... ja so klein ist die welt. somit hatten wir...

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Mar 20, 2005 - Back in Argentina, in the wine region capital...Mendoza

Hi everyone..back in Argentina, and very happy to be here. I definitely like this country much more than its neighbor, Chile. For one thing, the food here is far superior and of much greater importance..its sooo much cheaper. I felt like I was paying US prices much of the time in Chile! Anyway, Mendoza is excellent. It's known for producing 80% of the wine in this country. So, Amanda & I followed suit and went on a wine tour. We visited 2 wineries and got the whole schpiel (is that how you spell it?) about how they make their wine and why...

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Mar 16, 2005 - Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina... Wine region... What a better way to explore than with bikes? On the way to Maipu, a small town full of wineries, or bodegas as they are called here, we hopped onto the highway by accident with our rented bikes. I guess it's not illegal because cops saw us doing it and said nothing. Of course, since we were going wine tasting, we needed ties. So we stopped at a little kid's school uniform shop on the way, and picked some up (pics will be up soon). They went nicely with our shorts and sandals. We got to Maipu after about 45...

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Mar 5, 2005 - Aconcagua

This is the wildest camping place ever, with rabid dogs in bunches of twenty at a time and winds to rival a hurricane. But, there were some great sights, so perhaps worth it. We hired mules, wernt to thermal baths, saw the biggest mountain any of us have ever seen- by a long way. so it was all good.

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Mar 4, 2005 - Mendoza

We spent a few days in mendoza, which is a great city, but we missed the wine festival as when we arrived, after a 23 hour bus ride there were no places to stay. The bus ride took so long as we hit a cow which made the front of the bus cave in, this was about 1am. But the bus driver just kicked the window through (after standing around discussing it for half an hour) then we carried on our way. Anyway it was really nice when we got there and we went round lots of Bodegas (wineries) and got some free tasting.

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Mar 3, 2005 - Uspallata, Argentina.

Uspallata was an unexpected stop as we couldn't get a place to stay in nearby mendoza because of the wine festival! we are here now though and we are just about to go and get stuck in so bye bye wish you were all here to enjoy it with us, oh well we'll bring you some back, email us lots and lots of love helen and scottxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Mar 1, 2005 - Mendoza

Hola Amy and Paddy- its off to the bodegas for some viticulture and wine tasting. HMMMMMMM Well, The Bodgas had to wait fro a few days, as e decided to hit the surrounding mountains where we went camping in Uspallata surrounded by hundreds of poplars and mountains. WE Hired bicicles and rode around in the blazing sun for a while, before we decided that it was only mad dogs and Englishmen that would attempt such stunts, and returned to the shade of our trees. We had great barbeques and drank wonderful wines, so had a great time relaxing and...

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Feb 25, 2005 - Would you like wine with your Happy Meal? Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is the wine capital of Argentina and wine is everywhere, even at MacDonald's. That's right, you can order wine with your quarter pounder. Mendoza produces 70% of Argentina's wine. Both wine and fine food (not including Mac Ds) is of high quality and very cheap. A dinner with a bottle of wine runs about $9 USD for 2 people. It is the land of meat and wine which is is a welcome change after Peru, the land of potatoes and bottled water. Mendoza has been a pleasant surprise and it seems very European. We love it. The locals are so...

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Feb 6, 2005 - Return to Santiago

Booked a ticket on the 6.00pm bus from Osorno to Santiago for the same day we arrived from Puerto Natales - this would be another 12 hours, but at least we would be back in Santiago and it was an overnight trip that gets us in to Santiago at 6.00am. A fairly uneventful trip that allowed us to catch some sleep. We stayed in Santiago until the trip north on the 8th Feb, and the extra time there allowed us to see some of the sites that we didn't get to see on our initial visit. These included the Pre Columbian Museum with an excellent...

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Jan 22, 2005 - Mendoza

Meteo Grosse chaleur prevue initialement a Salta (env. 40 degres), que nenni, il fait 30º en ville, et 10º a 4170m (notre sommet a nous!) On nous a prises pour des delurees quand nous avons demande des velos a Talampaya, que nenni, un petit vent frais nous maintenait a temperature Seule verite: le soleil ne nous quitte pas... Sport Notre preparation fonciere hivernale en vue de la saison 2005 se deroule sous les meilleures augures: 1. portage du sac a dos (13-14 kg au depart, un peu plus aujourd hui)... pour la puissance au...

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Jan 18, 2005 - back to Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza. It's nice. It's warm (or hot, even). It has lots of nice, tasty food. If you would happen to come here, do not miss the tenedor libre (free fork literally, or all you can eat buffet, but with good food and a big grilled meat section and stations for freshly cooked pastas, stir fries, crepes...) at the restaurant called Las Tinajas (www.lastinajas.com). It might be our favorite restaurant in the 17 countries we've been to on this trip.

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