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Aug 25, 2004 - A crazy night of metal mayhem with Dio in Buenos Aires

Well, it all started at Santiago airport. We were in the queue at WHSmith (they have them here) and Sarah said that she thought she had seen a bloke that looked like Ozzy Osbourne. He wasn't though. Denis then noticed that the bloke in front of us was wearing a "Dio" tour jacket, remembered that they played in Santiago last night and deliberately said out loud "I wonder were Ronnie James is ?". The man in front of the one wearing the tour jacket then turned around and said "Here I am" and shook Denis' hand. A star struck Denis then...

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Jul 26, 2004 - Buenos Aires again

Written by Karen: On our last day in Buenos Aires, we visited the Museum of Fine Arts, which is conveniently located near my new favorite restaurant! (see previous Buenos Aires entry for details). So that's where we had lunch, just so I could get the same salad again. We also took a tour through the famous Teatro Colón. Teatro Colón is a beautiful and incredibly large theater complex. It can seat 2487 people and has 7 or 8 levels of balconies that all overlook the stage. The complex also extends underground for 4 floors of workshop areas,...

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Jul 10, 2004 - Buenos Aires

Finally some time to explore the big city of Buenos Aires! It was very cold and windy upon our return, even though the hotel clerk told us that it had been 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) only 2 days earlier. On Sunday, we took the subway to a northern neighborhood (barrio) of the city called Palermo. The subway has pretty good coverage, and costs only about a US quarter for one trip to anywhere in the system. What a deal! We went to Palermo specifically to see the Jardín Japónico (Japanese Gardens). On the way, we walked past...

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Jul 3, 2004 - Tigre and the Delta (Argentina)

This section is written by Karen... From Puerto Iguazu, we flew to Buenos Aires and spent the night there on July 2nd. Since we were headed to a wedding reception in the northern suburb of Tigre, we didn't have much time in Buenos Aires (but we plan to return in a week or so). My first impression is that Buenos Aires looks a lot like Paris but without the river (our friend, Facundo, later told us that this is because many of the downtown buildings were designed by French architects). Ted spent some time shopping for cold-weather clothes on...

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May 12, 2004 - Montevideo, Uruguay

From Rio to Uruguay was from the mid-80's to the mid-50's with the snap of a finger. You folks are enjoying spring, while we're enjoying fall. This little country has a lot of flavor to it. Its a pleasant cross between south american and european cultures. Cobblestone streets, old world architecture, and it has a fall season like the american northeast. Crazy colored falling leaves and plenty of cold. Who would have thought? They have a lot of taverns and pubs along alleyways and little parks with statues every other block. The national...

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Feb 12, 2004 - Our first stop, Buenos Aires

Well, we arrived in BA safe and sound, and checked into a lovely hotel as a treat, to help us get into this whole travelling malarky.On our first day we met up with a couple of canadian guy's who we ended up hanging out with for the whole week. We went clubbing,played pool (lost to the bloody Canadians!),wandered the streets sightseeing, saw a footy match (Boca Junior's), oh, and got robbed at the bus station (on our last day !!).

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Oct 4, 2003 - Buenos Aires, Argentina (text)

8 SEPT -- 22 SEPT Wounded Pride After only a short time in Buenos Aires, Helen and I noticed a unique "sense-of-self" among Porteños ("port dwellers" - what residents of the city call themselves) distinct from Cariocas (Rio), Limeños (Lima) or Ticos (Costa Rica). Guidebooks describe Buenos Aires as the Paris of Latin America and I think Porteños perceive themselves as societal kin to Parisians, Londoners or Romans - really any major cosmopolitan city. Certainly we did not feel as if we were in a Latin American city during our two-week stay....

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