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Mar 16, 2013 - Curuzu Cuatia

A magnificent morning cruise on the delta with sighting of caimans, capybaras and too many different birds to mention. The weather was perfect, warm with little wind, good boat and pleasant company. After returning from the tour we headed back to Mercede and on to Curuzu Cuatia. The downtown park does not allow overnighting but the park on the outskirts of town did. They were extremely accommodating. Tomorrow it is off to Concepcion del Uruguay (located in Argentina).

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Mar 15, 2013 - Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

2013 Colonia Carlos Pellegrini. What a wonderful drive today. Highway 40 from Mercede is mostly dirt/gravel but in good shape. Would not want to drive the road if wet but forecast is good and the drive here today was another spectacular drive. On the way here we saw Capybara, many bird species, 1 caiman (alligator) and one very green fast snake. The park is wonderful. Tomorrow we do a 2 hour boat trip to see more animals and birds. After the boat tour we will head south toward Buenos Aires to be at the hotel on the 19th.

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Mar 14, 2013 - Yapeyu

Tonight we ended at Yapeyu, home of Jose de San Martin, known as Argentina’s Liberator. We followed Highway 14 through many forerst to the turn off to Yapeyui. The campground would not let us park there, closed for the season, but the information center said we could park outside their area on the town square. What a pleasant town. Kids are riding horses everywhere. There is even a brand new hospital (not needed for us) in this town of maybe 1,000. There are museums and historical places all through town and all at no charge. To save the...

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Mar 6, 2013 - Corrientes

Arrived in Corrientes. The campground that we had planned on had gone private and we could not stay there. On the way in we noticed a family park with a small store. Sam & Sue stopped there as we headed to the golf course. The family park said we could stray. Wonderful green grass, quiet and electricity. An enjoyable evening after our drive through farm and ranch land.

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Aug 30, 2011 - Esteros del Ibera

In a way we are time filling now, with choice spots on the way to BA. One such spot was Esteros del Ibera, in the town of Pellegrini. Taking a real roundabout way to get here (Via Correntes and Mercedes), we were greeted with a very good looking campsite over looking the lake. We spent our time strolling in the woods (very short) and paddling the lake (windy and also short) but all was pleasant and we had our own fun. Including taking pictures of the night sky (discovering ways our camera can be used) We had some fun trying to get away...

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Mar 23, 2009 - Corrientes - En Route To Iguazu Falls

@@@@@@@ KAPOORS ON THE ROAD One thing I’ve learned, or maybe I haven’t learned, is that it’s important to ‘manage expectations’ when travelling as an ‘executive backpacker’. If you’re ‘standard backpacker’, expectations are pretty low. The main goal is to get from one place to another, and see all there is to see, while spending as little as possible. I did this in my early twenties and can’t do it anymore. We try and keep our basic expenses (hotel, meals and urban transportation) to approximately $100.00 per day. In most of the places...

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Aug 27, 2008 - Esteros del Ibera

Well we needed somewhere to stop on the way down from The falls to Buenos Aires so we decided to stop at this national park. It seems we´ve become quite the nature addicts and this was another wetland area - but much much less touristy than The Pantanal in Brazil. By the way did i mention we are no longer in Brazil - woohoo! There are a few things we will not miss about Brazil - we will not miss the stupid turnstiles on the bus that are very backpack unfriendly and do not turn without considerable forward momentum which is difficult to...

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Aug 5, 2008 - Corrientes & Rosario

Days 23 & 24 Corrientes & Rosario were nice enough places, but not much to really get excited about. They worked well as breaks betweeen overnight busses and a bit of Argentina culture and history.Che Guavera was born in Rosario and this is where they first hoisted the Argentina flag.

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Mar 8, 2008 - Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

Es war schon einigermassen beruhigend zu wissen, dass zwischen uns und der Sumpflandschaft einige Millimeter Motorbootrumpf lagen. Ansonsten hätte man die verschiedenen Ausflüge zu Wasser auf dem Estero de Iberá (Iberá-Sumpf) nicht so geniessen können. Wenn wir sie auch nicht gesehen haben, so konnten wir uns gut vorstellen, wie die einheimische Boa und die Piranha-Art unter uns schwammen. Die zahlreichen Yacarés negros (Brillenkaiman) machten zwar auch einen äusserst friedlichen Eindruck, wie sie sich zwischen den Wasserlinsen oder im...

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Feb 20, 2007 - Colonia Pellegrini

Tuesday night we left the tango and the bussle of the city and caught a 9 hour bus to Mercedes, north west of Buenos Aires. Here we got to see and experience some country Argentian life with real gauchos and men and women carrying their mate everywhere (a strong tea/herbal like drink). From Mercedes our host for the next day, Marcelo (from Hosteria Nande Reta) drove two other Argentian visitors and ourselves to his fantastic hotelia in Colonia Pellegrini. Our two fellow travellers happened to be a travel jounalist (Teresa) and her...

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Nov 10, 2006 - CORRIENTES, Argentina

Not a lot happened here really. We only spent 1 night here and decided to move on quite quickly. We stayed in a nice old hotel next to the river, which ran thru what was quite a nice old town to be fair, just not a lot going on at the time. The highlight obviously being the filming of the Carnival promotions. Although not being for another couple of months, they were obviously keen to promote the event with live TV, a stroppy presenter (until the camera started rolling and the male model started showing her some attention) and models...

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Feb 13, 2006 - Busing it north

Well another day of bus travel, this time from Buenos Aires to sweaty, steamy Corrientes, a provincial capital in the north of the country. The journey wasn't really very intersting but lush green vegetation, rivers and the odd marshland provided some welcome relief from the monotonous green hills. We got off the bus at 9.30pm and walked into a wall of heat. We were told this place would be hot but we thought it would recede at night. We cannot wait for tomorrow when we trawl through the city in the blaring sun and heat. As we arrived quite...

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