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Dec 9, 2010 - Trelew

Got going by 9 - since buses to Trelew go every half hour it's very easy. Today it's overcast and windy (as usual)...amazing to me that the day we arrived in P.M. it was pouring rain, then the day of our tour it was clear and relatively calm, and now as we leave it's cloudy and not at all conducive for a tour. A one day window, fantastic day of whale, orca, sea lion, elephant seals,etc.! We are very fortunate...knock on wood Tim! At bus station we sit and organize our next travel plans, coming up with 2 nites here then getting tickets...

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Mar 10, 2008 - Trelew

Quiet could be a word for this place. I had got the local bus down here to find the hotels listed by Rough Guide were dubious to say the least. I viewed one room and walked out to another hotel which was perfect even although the Rough Guide didn´t rate it?! The next day the plan was to go and walk with the penguins on the coast but the tour company could not get one more person to go ie. no other tourists were in the town!! As this is why one comes to Trelew (and to see the Welsh stuff of course!) I was rather disappointed. Spent the day...

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Feb 28, 2008 - Trelew and Punto Tumbo

Bob drove our little red rental car while I navigated like an expert past Trelew and onto dirt and gravel roads that lead us to Punto Tumbo. We ate a delicious cracker, cheese, and ham lunch while sitting in the car, and then walked amongst 175,000, or 300,000, or 500,000 pairs (depending on whose brochure or signs you believe) of penguins. This was actually pretty cool 1) because you could get close to them, and 2) we hadn't really seen more than a few penguins thus far on our trip. They were fun to watch waddling around, moaning (they are...

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Jan 21, 2008 - Trelew - dolphins, penguins and a lovely cup of tea!

An enforced stay (buses south fully booked) of 3 days in Trelew was an unattractive prospect. The town was dusty, scruffy and had little in the way of any cultural or scenic interest. As it turned out we had a great few days with two memorable trips. The first was to the coast at Playa Union (about a 30 mins bus ride) where we took a boat trip to see Commersons dolphins (which have distinctive black and white colouring similar to Orcas/ Killer Whales). As we headed out to sea we were sceptical as to whether we would catch sight of any (at...

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Jun 27, 2007 - Argentina - Trelew & Gaiman

After connecting in Esquel to a Mar Y Valle bus, which turned out to be the best bus we have had since ITTSA buses in Peru we arrived at 6am into pitch darkness. Not wanting to search for a hostel until day light we would wait at the bus station. As it only gets light in southern Argentina at 9.30am we had a little wait. David wanted to come here to see if he could find some descendants of his mate Neil ¨Taffy¨ Evans family and also to feast on the abundance of Welsh cakes and pastries in nearby Gaiman. The Welsh came here in 1886 to...

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