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Mar 11, 2006 - Peninsula Valdes

After an leaving Puerto Madyrn with the tour group we had a 100km drive out to the national park at Peninsula Valdez. This huge peninsula is home to a wide range of wildlife and today I hoped to see killer whales (orcas) take baby sea lions off the beach. I had been told that this was right time of year to watch this happen but after 2 hours of standing there waiting for this to happen and seeing nothing I was pretty disappointed. The next stop was to look at a penguin coloney then on to a elephant seal coloney for lunch. After lunch the...

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Feb 9, 2006 - Peninsula Valdez

On the Atlantic coast of Argentina, there is a large peninsula, called peninsula Valdez. This stretch of coastline is home to many species of aquatic mammals and birds such as Southern Right Whales, Orcas (commonly called Killer whales but they are dolphins and not whales), Penguins, Elephant seals and Sea Lions. Orcas have a peculiar hunting technique, where they swim in towards the beach with a wave and catch baby sea lions and Elephant seals whilst they learn how to swim, the Orca is beached and floats out with the second wave. Peninsula...

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Aug 18, 2003 - Having a whale of a time (sorry couldn't resist)

The Welsh have had a pretty hard time of it really over the years if we're honest. Years of subjugation at the hands of the British, all those jokes about leeks and sheep and then, more recently, Anne Robinson publicly insults them on national radio. Anyway, a few hundred years ago, sick and tired of being told they couldn't speak their language or practise their traditions, a group of them decided to move as as far away from the Brits as they could, so they could be left in peace. The corner of the world they chose was Patagonia, which is...

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