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Mar 9, 2006 - El Bolsón

El Bolsón is a nuclear free zone bursting at the seams with hippies. There are dreadlocks and rastas everywhere. Thankfully I haven't detected too much patchouli. This is where you want to come when you arrive in Patagonia. More like the real Argentina, I think. Bariloche was so disgustingly commercial, this is much better. Tomorrow I am going to visit Lago Puelo and an outpost of ex-pat Isrealis who've set up homes near the lake. Saturday I am planning on heading into the hills again for some trekking. There is a nice open air market here...

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Jan 16, 2005 - White water and disco in Futaleufu

Headed back south a bit via an overnight stay in Esquel to cross over the border to Chile and stay in a little town called Futaleufu. The man at the border had a bit of fun with us. The bus from Esquel only went as far as the border, so we got our bags and walked from the argentinian border post to the chilean one. We figured that there must be a bus on the chilean side to meet the passengers. The chilean immigration official almost had a good laugh because he told us that not only was there no bus, but there was no taxis either and it was...

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