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Oct 13, 2018 - Tigre

Today we are going on an all day tour to Tigre an hour out of Buenos Aires. First we need to get to the Estacion Sturla which is at Puerto Madero. We board the boat and our guide is Eduardo and there are 9 of us. Five from Peru, two from Buenos Aires and us. Eduardo's grandmother came from Adelaide. Hard to beleive but his grandfather originally from Scotland married an Adelaide girl and worked in the mining industry so they live in Kalgoorlie for a while before moving to Argentina and then eventually the USA. Amazing!! The boat trip takes...

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Dec 28, 2013 - Jul og sommerferiestemning

Holder sommerferie her på landet med Cristofer og hans familie. Jeg kan altså ikke helt vænne mig til at man spiser aftensmad mellem kl. 22 og 24 om aftenen. Generelt er der ikke rigtig nogle tidspunkter man gør noget på, fordi det er mere ferie end hverdag. Og der er jo en grund til at man venter til efter solen er gået ned med at spise, fordi ingen har lyst til at spise inden kl. 21 om aftenen på grund af varmen. Så julemiddagen startede selvfølgelig også kl. 22. Vi var næsten 40 personer, hvilket er virkelig mange. Traditionel argentinsk...

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Dec 22, 2013 - La Plata

Så kom jeg til La Plata efter en bustur der var længere end jeg regnede med. Jeg havde skrevet til Cristofer at jeg regnede med at være i La Plata busterminal kl. 13, men ankom til Buenos Aires kl. 13.20, og skulle først rende rundt i den kæmpe store busterminal Retiro for at finde ud af hvor jeg købte billetter til min videre rejse. Og det nummer Cris havde givet mig ville ikke fungere mønttelefonerne, så jeg kunne ikke give ham besked. Det er virkelig ikke en sjov del af at rejse, når man står med alle sine ejendele helt alene og skal...

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Mar 19, 2013 - Canning

Arrived at the hotel at 11:30 then the motorhome company came and picked up the motorhome. Great hotel to end the trip. News flash, called AA airlines this afternoon and they said if we would fly today we would be upgraded to business class for the flight home. What a no brainer and we are now at the airport in Buenos Aires awaiting our flight back home. The trip has been great, but there is no place like3 the good ole USA. Back in Arizona tomorrow.

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Feb 23, 2013 - Buenos Aries, Argentina

Feb. 23, 2013 Buenos Aries, Argentina NOTE: I WON’T POST THESE ENTRIES IN THE JOURNAL FOR A FEW DAYS BECAUSE THE HOTEL WANTS $18 ( NOT PESOS) FOR 24 HOUR ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. After leaving the house on Friday at 8:30 am and with a 3 hour layover in Houston we arrived in Buenos Aires about 10:30 am Saturday. We spent an hour in a very crowded customs line. But the worst was after going through customs, waiting at the airport 1 hour, 45 minutes for other people to arrive before boarding the bus to take us to the hotel. They are going on...

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Feb 1, 2013 - Las Grutas

2/1/2013 Another long day today. Yesterday and today we covered 550 K each day. We wanted to get away from the cities, and did we succeed. Today as we left Sierra De La Ventana we went up and over a small mountain range with the “window” to be seen from the road. Then on to Bahia Blanca en-route to our destination of Las Grutas, located in the Provence of Rio Negro. When crossing into the Rio Negro, just like Mexico, an agricultural check point, plus a meat check point. We are now onto kilometer after kilometer of nothing. Unfortunately we...

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Jan 31, 2013 - Sierra De La Ventana

1/31/2013 Camping El Paraiso in Sierra De La Ventana was our destination today. Traveled Highway 3 for a good part of the day, much traffic and somewhat stressful. After departing Highway 3 onto Highway 76, the trip through the farm land was fantastic. Driving through this area you could imagine the Sacramento Valley under crop with maybe a few hundred people in the whole valley. Really quite amazing. The camp had electric and decent shower rooms although we don’t use them. The motorhome bathroom is small but has a great shower.

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Jun 9, 2012 - San Antonio de Areco

Pour changer un peu de la ville et voir des gauchos, nous avons décidé d'aller un samedi à San Antonio de Areco, une petite ville dans la pampa à deux heures de Buenos Aires. Nous avons eu de la chance, car nous sommes arrivés pendant la fête du village et avons eu droit à un défilé de gauchos des campagnes voisines. Le défilé devait commencer à 17h, mais les organisateurs avaient oublié d'avertir la police de bloquer la route, alors cela a commencé un peu plus tard :-) ah l'organisation argentine ! On a retrouvé nos amis les chiens...

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May 21, 2012 - Argentina - Buenos Aires

Stayed in small apartmemt in Recoleta district - very chic and expensive. The cemetry nearby is awesome, saw Evitas tomb. Fascinating to see how much exstravagance - marbel statues all sizes so close together - for when you are not about to appreciate it. An hour north is a town called Tigre on the Rio Panama delta. Very chilled and very much about boat life and living on islands. San Telmo is great. Lots of street artists - very entertaining. Flea market was not to miss. See youtube clip of skeleton puppeteer in BA -the best yet.

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Apr 7, 2012 - Camping à Tigre

Après un jour de repos à Buenos Aires chez Aurélie, nous voilà partis en week-end pour faire du camping au bord du delta vers Tigre à env. 1h de Buenos Aires avec Aurélie et Mauricio. Le camping au bord du delta est très joli malgré les moustiques et quelques grosses bêtes sur notre tente :-) Le soir, nous avons testé notre premier asado argentin, Nicolas est fan de la viande. Pour aller à Tigre, nous avons fait un voyage d'une heure en train à 1.10 pesos, cela change de chez nous. Par contre, il ne faut pas avoir peur car cela tremble dans...

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Aug 10, 2011 - Horsey! Horsey!... eww what did I just step into....

Last Friday we took an organised trip to a village outside of Buenos Aires. It is a ranch which is suposed to demonstrate the traditions of the Argentine people...... First of all I had to get up early get dressed and walk to the bus a WHOLE 15 min... Ok it was a grumpy grumpy morning. Once I steped my foot on the ranch I remebered it was winter here: the grass was yellow and ground almost frozen, naked trees and smell of cold mixed with... well farm smells. In true Argentine manner there was not much organization during the course of...

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Dec 18, 2010 - BA and Mar del Plata

After a few days getting settled in our apartment in BA, and exploring the city, our new friend Marta invited us to go to the beach with her. So, off we went on Monday. Marta drove to Mar del Plata; about 4.5 hours southeast from BA, on the Atlantic coast. One of Marta´s friends was gracious and extended to us the use of her apartment in the downtown. Nice clean city with large beaches and access to many others north & south along the coast. We drove to a couple of them and Pinamar is very similar to the Carolina/Georgia coastline,...

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