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Jul 20, 2014 - Come for the ruins, stay for the lagoon

Butrint is the main reason I came to Sarandë; its ancient ruins are hidden amongst forest and situated by a lagoon. All together it forms a national park. I was more interested in the ruins and history though. The bus to Butrint leaves from the "roundabout" near my hotel. I wouldn't have realised it was a roundabout though were it not for the road sign as you approach it. There is a small tree in the centre, but only a few vehicles are following a circular route around it: most of them just seem to treat it as a triangular junction and...

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Mar 15, 2012 - Day trip to Butrint

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butrint Leaving Sarade to go to Butrint ruins the road passes by an incredible number of apt. buildings/homes/businesses in various stages of construction! Most look to be stalled or perhaps just waiting for spring? Also, we saw at least 3-4 of these buildings toppled over as if hit by an earth trember. Mari had found out earlier that the Teddy bears and scarecrows, etc. we often see hanging off the front of homes/bldgs under Leaving Sarade to go to Butrint ruins the road passes by an incredible number of apt....

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Jul 5, 2010 - Butrint

Von der albanischen Riviera in Sarande, nahmen wir den 1-stuendige Fahrt auf einer Schotterpiste (der hiesigen Hauptstrasse) ins nur 25km entfernte Butrint. Dort hatten wir die UNESCO gelisteten Ausgrabungen beinahe komplett fuer uns alleine. Butrint ist dementsprechend einzigartig. Auf einer Halbinsel finden sich Ausgrabungen der Vorsteinzeit, dann der Griechen, der Roemer, der Venezianer, Tuerken, Albaner, etc.,.. So sieht man auf einem relativ kleinen Areal, wie sich hier die Kulturen entwickelten und Zivilisationen kamen und gingen -...

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Feb 27, 2009 - Butrint: World History in a Nutshell

2/27/09 Based on the recommendation of several folks, we took a bus to the nearby town of Butrint the following day. Now, as my teachers in high school will tell you, I have never been much of a history buff, but I was absolutely fascinated by the historical significance of this place, representing a microcosm of European civilization throughout the ages. Here’s the deal: Evidence of habitation is present as early as 6000 BC, which includes the Illyrians, the original inhabitants of the area and ancestors of the Albanians. However, you know...

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Sep 19, 2008 - Saranda, Albania - Where the Ruins are Good but the Food is Bad

Old Albanian grannies don’t wait in line. Old Albanian grannies get to sit at the front of the bus; regardless of what you think is on your ticket. Old Albanian grannies don’t take sh*t from anybody. We crossed the border from Greece into Albania at 4:00am. We could not see the surroundings, but we knew we were in the mountains. We could feel the cool mountain air. Having spent the last 5 ½ months in hot climates, we have lost our conditioning to cold weather. We might be in trouble once we hit Ukraine at the end of October. As we paid our...

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Jun 9, 2007 - Albania

I couldn't pass up the oportunity to slip in a another country and get more stamps for my passport so I took a day trip to Albania (which resides close to Corfu). The trip included a visit to the ancient city of Butrint. Here the ruins are paritially submerged which makes for a unique site.

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Dec 4, 2006 - Shqiperija and The Swede

Hello again - Sometimes you get lucky. Some of you may be wondering how I survived The Republic of Shqiperija (or Albania as Dan and Wendy determined). That portion of the trip ended well. Though by the end I was getting a bit tired of the Albanian breakfast - a cup of coffee and a cigarette. The lucky part is often just the happenstance of being on the road. Meeting other travelers is often a special part of that. After the opera in Tirana I caught a bus south toward the little hill town of Berat. On the bus was one other passenger. We had...

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Oct 3, 2005 - Contiki - Overnight Boat Trip

Shaken all the way to Igoumenitsa! But a lot of the party got completly trollied on board (Jess was sick of the boat), so the wake up call at Igoumenitsa was essential, as the boat kept going after we got off!! We had a 800m walk with baggage - in the early hours of the morn when normal people are sleeping. A fun time for all. We were in a small place at 5.30 in the morning. One cafe was just open, and our next ferry was due at 6.30 - which never arrived! Great! So we got another at 7.30 which was better as we had a decent place to sleep,...

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Jul 18, 2005 - Syvota and Parga, Greece

Monday, July 18. Syvota and Parga, Greece. Troy and Chris departed early for Delphi. Jeff and I rented a car for the day (45 Euro) and explored several beaches south of Syvota. We stopped in the beautiful town of Parga for dinner, with a pedestrian only waterfront and an elegant castle guarding the small harbor.

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