Mike & Bethany's USA roadtrip 2005 travel blog

What a view!



The Mittens at sunset


Sunrise from our tent

The Three Sisters




Doing my Forrest Gump impression

Seven Sailors in nearby Valley of the Gods

Monument Valley is situated on the border of Utah and Arizona. Even if you haven't been here you've probably seen it in loads of Cowboy films (or Back to the Future 3)! It's a spectacular place with huge red sandstone towers rising out of the flat desert floor. We camped in the most amazing spot with an incredible view of the famous pair of mittens. We watched a great sunset that night and then got up early to watch sunrise sat in our tent. We drove the 17 mile valley drive which has many great views of the spectacular rock formations. As we left I stopped off do do my Forrest Gump impression "I'm feeling kinda tired... i think i'll go home now." If you know the film, it's here that he quits his 3 year run across America. Anyway, after that we did another cool drive through the nearby Valley of the Gods.

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