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Soon, it was time to head down. The tourist trains had arrived, bringing the hoards. Getting back down was a very slow process. We then caught a bus to the town of Machu Picchu (aka Aguas Calientes) for lunch and a soak in the hotsprings. The warm waters were a relief to our tired, aching muscles. Later on, we caught the train back to Ollantaytambo, transfered to a bus, and arrived back in Cusco at around 7pm.

After what seemed like the best shower ever, a few of us headed out to a restaurant and tried a local peruvian dish called cuy horno --roasted guinea pig. Yep, that's right.... Fluffy. When it arrived it looked like a miniature suckling pig (minus the head). Though it looked big, there really wasn't that much meat. It was a bit gamey, but otherwise alright. Can't say that any of us who tried it are fans of cuy horno --we certainly won't be rushing out to order it next time.

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