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Churning water-Montreal in sight

Locking to Montreal

Chapter III-Montreal

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Bouy on sled

Marina at foot of city

Notre Dame Basilica

Our last report found us arriving Montreal on Sunday 10 July. Ready for a rest, we pulled quietly up to the Port d' Escole Marina (at the center of old Montreal) in the late afternoon and found a quick dinner near the port.

Monday we boarded a double deck bus that covered the city and gave us our bearings. After that, bikes became the travel mode. The city is easy to figure out...if you can see the Notre Dame Basilica, you're near the old port. Likewise, Mont Royal rises up behind McGill University, and provided a backstop for our excursions. Quite cosmopolitan, Montreal has everything you could want. Our little Chapter III was parked on the promenade with lots of folks asking about her pedigree and travels. The waterfront is full of people walking, street entertainers and outdoor cafes. We have decided, Canadians have to be the friendliest people on the planet.

Bill biked up Mont Royal twice during the stay and Jeannie was treated to the continuous mall experience that is Montreal's fashion district. Wednesday came all too soon and we were headed northeast to Quebec by mid-morning. Our stop in Trois Rivieres came late in the day after covering some 70 Nm on a favorable current. The stop was like a summer camping island that you might find on the Italian Riviera. We cooked up a good barbecue, walked around the campground and retired early.

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