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Not a pleasant thought having to leave this wonderful place, a home for the past week but as the plane is booked to Singapore in the morning it is another 4 hour bus journey of experience to endure before we arrive in Medan. The drivers seem to have little regard for oncoming traffic as they weave themselves in and out on the otherside of the road puting motorcyclists in danger of being run off the road, but miraculously there appears to be little loss of life on the highway. Having reached Medan late afternoon the traffic seemed just as chaotic and as noisy with the constant smell of fumes in the air and noticably a distinct hostile environment outside the minibus, I am sure there is not, but a vast difference to past week on Samosir. Medan is not a place to spend too long in as all the travel journals will tell you, take heed as on arrival at the hotel we experienced the largest cockroach on the planet it needed 2 attempts with the flip-flop to exterminate it and then it didn't want to go down the drain !!! At least no rats?

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