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OK, I have been debating whether or not to post the journal entry that follows. I have been waiting for an afternoon to clean it up and make it coherent, but I have been gloriously busy and have not had the chance. So, I am posting a big chunk of my journal entries from the healing trip around Baguio unedited and unaltered from their original form. A couple of caveats. First, I use abiword a free version of MS word and the spellcheck has corrupted-so no spelling and grammar check. Secondly I wrote these entries in chunks, there are parts missing that I am not posting, so bear with me as what follows leaves out a lot of information and context. Third, this was a profound experience and I have chosen to post these journal entries because I think they convey the blood of the experience so to speak. There is no fluff here, and this may be the most honest writing I have ever shown other people. So, if your not interested in something more than a simple travelogue, just skip this entry. Fourth, I have replaced all names with pronouns out of respect for the privacy of those involved. The reverand was the leader of the trip, I have chosen to mention little about him out of respect for the openness with which he shared his life with me. I have simarly left out large chunks about other members of the group. ok, enough stalling here it goes. It is a long entry so just read as much or as little as you want. Look for pictures of the healings sometime in the future-there are a couple of good shots of me with blood pouring out of my body and everything-sweet! Because of character limits I have entered the journals as a seperate entry.



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