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Diana in the Cenote

Only a short drive from Rancho Luna to the Bay of Pigs. That is, until we took the back road, which they still haven't gotten round to repairing after the 1963 American Bay of Pigs invasion (think pot-holes a metre deep)... Found our dodgey campismo and low and behold a flat tyre.

The upbeat MC Eberto (the camping ground's resident dj... seriously), helped me find a tyre-patcherer (again, a real profession in Cuba) in town when the spare in the boot also turned out to be punctured. Meanwhile Di stayed with the car and fended off the camping ground's resident drunk doctor.

We ate lobster but slept simple on the floor of the cabin we were assigned, although Di found the backseat of the car a better way to avoid the insects. In the morning we got out early, so that MC Eberto could pocket the rent without his boss knowing we were there. Crazy place.

We spent the morning snorkelling at a 100m deep cenote (water-filled cave) and then headed for Havana.

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