Carter Family Sojourn 2004 travel blog

20 min walk from station to Ashley's

we've shopped for essential supplies

BBQ. Differences? Rain hood and charcoal burner to heat the beads faster

when in rome.... not that the Danes do this..a hangover from England?

Day 1. After arrival at Copenhagen airport went by train to Ashley's. The goal: to keep everyone awake until evening so that the impact from change over in zones would be lessened. SO we walked! Some of the walking was to the shopping centre. Good to see what available and not available, how stuff is prepared and compare prices. Ashley asked us to bring vegemite and pink quik as neither available in Denmark. Pumpkin is not sold there either.

But first there was the Danish workmen's breakfast, which included a glass of Gammel Dansk. (an alcoholic bitters drink)In the end most were still up till 10pm.

In the evening, a BBQ. As Ashley and Karin are mainly vegetaqrian, it was a vegetarian BBQ. COrn, potatoes in foil, and loads of different vegies..eggfruit, onions and more, barbequed and yummy salads made by Karin in the kitchen. SOme of us played Boule/Bocche while the men did the barbeque...the use of a charcoal burner to speed up the heating process was different. There was only one hickup! It rained! In the end after a few retreats to the cellar garedening shed, we retired upstairs while Ashley and his coworkers finished the cooking. We ate the BBQ by candlelight.

Lots of talking and looking at photos and catching up. Ashley decided we oldies had mellowed. His memories of all of us together was 'arguing' (heated discussion!) late into to night (and associated drinking) while younger ones sat outside and shook their heads in despair!! I think he was hoping for the traditional boxing day argument!

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