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The fabulous Millau Bridge

2 Very Proud French House (Part) Owners

View from the Kitchen

The Chateau in Entraygues

Rhys & Jackson check out the village

The narrow streets...

The impressive Rodez Notre Dame Cathedral

Love those Gothic Arches

Are we having fun - at Bazouls

Incredible Conques

Can I skate here...?

Bill & Ben the Conques Men!

Picked up our very cool Renault Grand Scenic and headed up to Entraygues to finally see our French house - would it exist, would we like it - all very exciting...

The drive up was fantastic and some of the most picturesque scenery we have seen...incredibly green, gorgeous autumn tones every where and the prettiest villages...not to mention the incredible Millau Viaduc bridge which has just opened...tres magnifique!!!

At last we arrived in Entraygues-sur-Truyere AND there is a house AND it looks great AND we love it. Fantastique!

We spent Saturday wandering around the village trying to scare the locals - but they seem OK with us. We found a local cinema and decided the film story line looked simple enough for us to follow - story about a Mexican boy living illegaly in LA and a whiz at soccer, gets discovered, goes to England to tryout for Newcastle United, trials & errors along the way plus love interest and eventually gets to play first grade (plus the girl). Who needs to speak French ( actually we were releaved that we werent watching next week's movie - a Jodie Foster thriller with too much dialogue).

We thought we'd try and do something active with these active boys so went canoeing down the Lot River...all went well until the last set of big rapids when Al and I got hit by a big wave and over we went! I seem to spend too much time under the canoe until I managed to get out and then went hurtling down the river till the boys thankfully caught up with me and got Al and I back in the canoe. Action Woman Rules!! Bloody cold AND never want to do it again but it was a great way to see the river!

We have also visited the local and sights and villages - there is just so much history in this place. Highlight would have to be Conques - one of the major pilgrim sites in one of the most incredible locations and incredibly beautiful and maintained. Mornings started blissfully - boys would run down to the local boulangerie for baguettes (Jackson) and croissants (Rhys) for our petit-dejeuner (brekky).

Lots of pics to share but alas have not been able to use my smart little USB flash card reader (picture storage and reader for the computer illiterate) - will update site when I do.

Can't wait to come back...

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