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Beautiful buildings everywhere

Swimming holes

Steps everywhere!

What a way to spend the day...

The local boats

Sughtseeing around the island

Water all over the place

Looking from Gozo to Malta

Great buses

Art everywhere you look- inside a church

Booked into a cheap hotel on the waterfront at Sliema for a couple of nights until we got our bearings. Cost was LM10 (NZD40 per night) so very reasonable, as it is off season. You wouldn't know it as the temperature as been in the early 20's every day, and we are sleeping with just a sheet. I would say its a great time to visit Malta- still some Poms around as many of the pensioners take the opportunity for the cheaper season (including us!).

Although I was here in around 92-93 with a group I don't recal much about the place so it is new for me as well as Brian. It is soooo good being in an english speaking country after all this time- and the food, etc etc.

We found a nice pub on our first night, had a few drinks and a good meal- a nice evening out you might say.

On the 10th we sussed out a flat to stay in- decided to book it for the whole time as it was only $56 a night, two bedrooms full kitchen lounge and bathroom, with a balcony, and just a couple of minutes away from the action, and a supermarket.

After another nice dinner on the waterfront we returned to our room and discovered that we had been burgled. The door had been forced, and the catched on our bags broken, plus our two day packs taken. Called the hotel staff who called the police, but they never turned up, so next morning, after making a list of the stuff that was stolen, we headed to the police station. While there the hotel rang to say they had found our day packs stuffed under a bed in a vacant room, so back we went to collect them, then back to the station to advise that what was taken were our only two expensive items- the ipod and the camera, plus Brian's lens ground dive mask. Luckily we had printed off our Morocco photos the day before or we would have lost them.

Moved to our flat on the 11th and it was so nice to get up the next morning and have a normal Kiwi style breakfast. Took the ferry across to Valletta and explored the ramparts, and wandered the streets which are full of old beutiful buildings- many of them built by the knights of the Order of st John back in 17th (?) century- still in use today. We made sure we were in the Upper Barrakka Gardens for the noon day cannon salute- very impressive. This area is great for the views as well as the arches and statues, very soothing, and a guy was playing latin american music which wafted through the area. Went into almost every camera shop we could find and are now thoroughly confused by the choices, however on Monday we bought a Sony digital which seems to do everything we want it to.

Sunday we spent doinga circle island tour - lots of villages, bays, beaches and historical places- Malta is a really nice place.

Brian has picked up a cold so is pleased we are here in Malta and not in Morocco, so two rest days were enforced. Also received some sad news- our nephew Yo was killed on Monday in a car crash at the Mount. It is not easy being so far away when a family member dies- this is the third this year.....

We managed to fill each day with something different- one day we went across to Gozo- a 20 min ferry ride from Malta- nice green landscape, lots of small villages and again huge amount of history.

The whole of Malta is quite magical- almost like a walled island, and matches if not beats Dubrovnik for beauty. There is a wonderful promenade along the waterfront filled with cafes, parks, and places to sit and watch the world go by. Also a fantastic marina- very modern and filled with yummy boats of all sizes and shapes. One superyacht tied up in Grand Harbour belongs to the owner of Chelsea football club and i swear was bigger than any cruise ship!

We have enjoyed our time here - a great holiday.

Off to Egypt tonight- yahoo!

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