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I will miss Chicken tajine, but I won't miss the squawking in the market place as the butcher chops of the head.

I will miss the Imam calling me at 5 in the morning, but not the roosters and dogs that accompany him.

I will miss the friendly "Welcome to Morocco" but not the men trying to scam money out of me.

I will miss the beautiful delicately woven carpets and kilims, but not the aggressive every-trick-in-the-book carpet sellers!

I will miss the pretty tiled riads and bedrooms, but not the faulty plumbing....

I will miss the cafes and patisseries but I won't miss Ramadan.

I will definitely miss the majestic mountains and sand dunes in the south, the Berbers and Tuaregs, but not the plastic bag- strewn landscape and the 4 x 4's breaking up the surface and creating dust storms.

I will miss the lovely long beaches but not the bottles and other human detritus that mar the experience.

I will miss the people of Morocco- Haji, Mohammed and Yosef.

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