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Time to get wet

Here we go!

Evidence of Danny's un-co moves

Can you hear my scream?

Slide show

The canyoning girls

Sadly it's all over.

Mission complete

Today we went canyoning. What is canyoning you ask? Well in two words f***ing brilliant.

We got picked up at 9am along with other would be canyoners and driven forty or so minutes out of Wanaka to the canyons.

After getting kitted out in four layers of wetsuit, wind vest, booties and helmet we learnt the basics of abseiling and then took on our first water slide of the day. An experience to say the least. Sliding down 10 metres or so of smooth rock into a glacier fed pool of icy water. A good way to wake up! Next up a 15-20 metre abseil through a waterfall. The rest of the day continued like this with abseils, water chutes and scariest of all the big jumps. I was first up to jump what was only an 8 metre drop however from up on the ledge it looked a lot further. It took me a while to sort myself out but found the courage to jump. What a rush, not just the adrenalin but the water at the bottom. I felt ready for anything after that. Anna was up next and after a little deliberation took the plunge too.

This was the most fun we have had in NZ and maybe on our trip so far. It was a major rush jumping into pools, sliding down winding water chutes and abseiling.

Anna: I am still buzzing after today's experience. Even plunging my foot in to a steaming cow pat on the way back to the minibus didn't dampen my high.

My abseiling didn't get off to the best of starts - more of a hanging slither than a controlled descent but we had all soon got the hang of things and by the end of the day our guide James was going on ahead to photograph our descents leaving us to abseils down all by ourselves.

Perhaps the best fun was all the different slides that we went down. Our guide got us completely psyched and we found ourselves sliding feetfirst, headfirst, backwards down through the canyon. Superb. I would love to do it all again tomorrow. Only problem is how can we top such an experience?

Day 261 complete

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