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family Emminger

Julia in the kitchen

Avo's - a staple of EVERYONES diet at Hedonisia

the boys at work

my lava rock wall - the socks are for the mosquitos -...



Julia & Franz

Hey Mickey your so fine

Morning Yoga







Namaste Jana

Jessie - just a big kid


Coconuts - the other Hedonisian addiction


Martina and Anka



Franz & his serious Austrian work ethic

tools of the trade

essential rain cover

the Austrian V

the Englishman


Community meals


Julia and Jana



mothers learn so much from their baby's & the tupperware draw

Jessie - ahhh the science of it

Donnie & Rhonda

the Austrians

Martina V



the working man

tent platform





escaped from the property

inside the barn



our next album cover

M teeth time

With winter encroaching on the mainland, and the Hawaiin isles proving close haven, we have gone from an intimate community of 4 work traders to a full house.

Curran stayed long enough to see the arrival of the masses and left shortly thereafter to seek refuge on a tug boat off the mainland, leaving Noe, David and I to live in the rain.

We have family Emminger in residence (Julia, Franz and daughter Jana), who work trade for the time they spend here and use the 4wd they bought to explore the island when not.

Martina - a close friend of Julia's, who is traveling with them, albeit with an entirely different focus - as you would expect of a single female. Who after only a couple of weeks, has her finger on the pulse of the weirdness of Puna.

Jessie, a 19 year old American, who has crossed the border to Canada and now proudly denounces the US as home. Who hides behind a mass of blond hair, both on his head and his face, making the laughter enducing comments that come from his mouth even more amusing.

Donnie and Rhonda who hail from middle America and are looking to call Hawaii home, who have had the unfortunate luck to meet a woman here who can help them with their move - as long as they can block out any thoughts of the movie Misery, which she reminds them of at every glance.

And of course there is Mojo - the owner of the property and a wonderful friend. A man who has well and truly won our hearts and we hope will be in our lives for years to come.

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