Tina and Kevin's Honeymoon Gift 2004 travel blog

Balanced Rock balancing!

Should have known that rock would radiate all night!

Delicate Arch, as seen on the Utah licence plate.

Someone actually flew a plane through that!

"That's a long, hot hike to that arch." "Looks good from here!"

Pioneer living!

Home on the Range. Can you imagine!

Turent Arch framed by the North Window.

Dirt-clod climbing!

Taking in the view as the clouds cooled it off a bit.

Thank God for long legs!

The perfect time to be on top!

The start of the show!

Colors change with the light!

Nichole Kidman, eat your heart out!

Rock Star of the family!



Nicest! The cover of her first album?

The end of the show! Back tomarrow by popular demand!

Morning music with Big Whitey!!

Landscape Arch, could go any minute!

Double "O" Arch.

Bozo in the Double "O"!

Best paprazi shot I could manage without a proper Zoom!

Passing the San Raphael Swell, our dreams of more slots were dashed by the ever present white anvils hovering over the painted desert. Besides, my head was quite fuzzy from the night before, and a hotel recuperation period was in order. After a long afternoon nap in Moab, while Tina shopped it up, I went to the car wash with a handful of quarters. From the looks of the rusty mud in their drain, I wasn't the first! Strolling town after dinner, we were startled by the silhouette of a couple walking what appeared to be the largest wolf in the world, directly down the sidewalk towards us. "If that thing wants to pull away from the leash, that lady doesn't have chance!" Another puppy that was dwarfed playfully jumped and nipped around the monster. "What is that?" I asked, as headlights began to reveal the scene. A blind baby buffalo, of course, and her seeing-eye dog! I would like to see how that one works out in five years! Next morning, after hours at the internet cafe, and shopping at the whole foods store (mmm! Cool tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella salad after a hot day climbing towers of hard mud!), we made the short drive into Arches N.P. With camp set, the explorer in us took over, but the heat in the middle of the day was a little oppressive (110 F!! Sizzle!). Drinking lots, we saw some sights and waited for the sun to hang low. In the twilight, Owl Rock stood as a lone finger among a landscape of arches, canyons, and balanced eggs, glowing red, and beckoning us to climb. A gritty 5.8 lead, that was a little greasy and overhung, put us on a summit the size of a queen bed, with the dance of light spread out in all directions. As cars pilled up on the road to give a look, the sun crept behind the clouds, filtering the beams through a prism, refracting beyond imagine. After golden bathed rappels, Anna Tina serenaded the orange globe as it slipped away into oblivion. The salad was spectacular! An early morning hike beat the heat, and life opened a window for us as a snake devoured a lizard in the shade of a bush beside the trail. We all enjoyed a good breakfast!

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