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Our romantic little hide-away

Again with the laundry motif...

We couldn't get a a view of the real thing so...

This may just be our last foot shot...sigh...

Hiking through the Somaria Gorge

Little people give perspective of the gorge walls

Luna contributing to the rock piles

What a goat will do for a little nibble

Tempting for a thirsty hiker

The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze

The first stop along our coastal hike, overlooking an ancient fishing village

Jonas taking a dip in paradise

Right up Jonasty's alley

My GAWD Luna's looking mighty tan?!

If we loved Athens and Santorini, then we loved-loved-LOVED Crete! Jonas visited when he was 19 but couldn't remember a thing about it so it was a surprise for both of us that it's such a huge island, especially in comparison to Santorini. We made the old town of Xania our home-base for several days as we were head-over-heels with our romantic little abode, complete with jacuzzi tub. We took day trips to different beaches, laying and tanning and dipping into the incredible crystal-blue (albeit freezing?!) waters to cool off.

Course, it wasn't all just about laying around...we earned our relaxation with some serious hikes around the island. We braved an amazing and popular hike through a gorge, despite the copious warnings from books and rangers that our Tevas were grossly inadequate. All told, it wasn't nearly as bad as the books warned and I even spotted a guy in flip-flops. If anything we should have been warned about this coastal hike we took based on a brief recommendation in that same, damned book. Nothing in the description intimated the length, difficulty or isolated nature of this hike, i.e., we were grossly under-prepared, baking in the sun along a non-sheltered trail, and ran out of water. In order to avoid suffering heat stroke we took dips in cove after cove to try and keep cool. We even went skinny dipping (gasp!) in one cove that was especially secluded! Thank GAWD we found people willing to hitch our sweaty, stinky selves back to town because I honestly don't think we could have made it back otherwise.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time on Crete and will definitely return one day. Fortunately we were off to the next destination in the nick of time, as Greece was in full swing with its summer heat and inundated with the throngs of vacationing to Vienna!

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