Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Rat or Cat?

Pretty possum?

Close up of the rabid possum as it creeps nearer

One of many laraqueets

Apparantly the best view of a sunset on maggie island?

Half way through our hike we can see the beach we are...

Arrival at Radical Bay

The moon??

Magnetic Island was named by Captain Cook after he thought the island interfered with his ships compass whilst sailing by in 1770.

Yet another chance for us to camp, this time setting up in a cooler part of the day at a hostel called Bungalow Bay. Discovered that whilst eating near the camp kitchen you are pestered by possums, which are a cross between a rat and a cat - two of Helen's favourite animals - I think not. One in particular was a mangy possum that was blind so kept coming nearer and nearer in the end Helen stood on the table so it wouldn't climb up her leg.

We cooked our next meals on the free bbq's at the beach even though the wind was howling; it felt like a storm was a brewin'. Indeed a storm was a brewing and the heavens opened, the rain was bouncing a foot off the ground. Our tent would have survived if we hadn't used the guide ropes as a washing line! Paul had to go out at 2am in the middle of the storm to fix guide ropes back to the tent.

Not much to do on Magnetic Island despite many brochures telling you that it's action packed fun. In the search of something to do we took a walk through the eucalypt forest to a remote beach, nobody told us that the walk wasn't in the shade and that it was a steep mountain climb. We had a cool beer after that hike and beat the locals of 'maggie' island in a quiz (oh how they loved the pommies!) and had to drink our winnings that night, we were hung over the next day.

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