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Dubrovnik from above

lots and lots of tourists in Dubrovnik, incl. us

light roofs have been restored after the war in Yugoslavia



slow traffic crossing

this is the water side of the city wall, from where the...

octopus in the aquarium

We left Korcula very early on bus that landed us relatively early at the "Pearl of the Adriatic". The first fun thing was listening to an English girl asking the bus information guy in front of us. Her question was how could she get to Athens, Greece from there? Perhaps by a ferry? This is like walking in Texas to an Amtrak office asking how could one fly to a place in Nicaragua (I found it particularly amusing because I had asked this same guy how long the bus ride was to our next stop in Croatia and he barely spoke English and said 6, 7, 8, or something like that, as the answer).

Anyway. Dubrovnik gained a lot centuries ago in a political chess game. Most European powers that could and would have wanted to take it liked the idea of a strong independent competitor of the all too powerful Venetian Republic. So Dubrovnik thrived long until the importance of Venice dropped. Then time was up for them, too. However today, same as with the major competitor the tourists are the ones who took the city over. The crowd is just as thich as in Korcula. Yet the city was very nice. One standard item that we forefeited was walking around on the city walls. Instead of that we hiked up the 1500 feet steep hill side right behind the city. First time in many days we escaped the crowd. In the 40 min up then again back down we only encountered one single local old guy and another, I presume also local tortoise. The view of the deep blue sea and the peninsula with the old town was fabulous. Indeed it is visible that there are very few of the old, darker roof tiles remained after the shelling that the city took not so long time ago from the Yugoslavian navy in the war. Besides the lighter color of most roofs only scratches on a church are the only signs left of the recent history, though. We spent the last hour sitting at a cafe on the outside of the wall, on top of cliffs that were diving into the Adriatic. Well, not only the cliffs did the diving, but so did the local kids. We are sitting, watching a guy on top of the 30 feet high cliff and next thing he is already flying on his way down.

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