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No photos allowed of the Blue Penguins - but they are everywhere...

Yellow eyed penguins


As the manager at the YHA in Omaru was kind enough to accept our debit card without a pin we were able to go out on the Penguin Express to see the Yellow Eyed and Blue Penguin colonies along the coast.

The rarer Yellow Eyed penguins were viewed from above and we did well to see three or four of the little critters playing in the shallow waters before shaking themselves off and waddling over the shore and into the bushes.

Next we headed to the Blue Penguin sanctuary where they were flocking to shore. The numbers started slow but by the end of the evening over 200 had returned to the little nesting boxes provided by the sanctuary. At one point a raft of 80 or so turned up. They seemed completely undisturbed by our presence and one even wandered right into the stadium where we were seated wandering just inches from our feet. All very cute, but in such big numbers they are pretty whiffy and very noisy. You wouldn't want them to set up home under your house (which is not unusual in this town) as they sleep for just 3 minutes every hour and spent the rest of their time socialising.

Headed back to our lovely cute hostel and spent the evening chatting with the handful of other residents and doing a jigsaw. Danny found it very amusing that one very Welsh resident managed to wind me up so thoroughly with all her whinging about how they are so suppressed by the English. Grrr.

Day 253 complete

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