Wheelygoode Adventures 2005/6 travel blog

Slow Motion

Dollar Store days

October 27 - Some Goode looked OK last night, but how will she really be in the daylight? Perfect! Absolutely no damage, although she is dirty from the sugar cane burning. Mike got busy with the brush and pail while I checked us in to the marina, took some pictures of downed boats, and arranged for mail at the post office. Poor Slow Motion is on her side and Waterlot has a large sailboat on her stern which broke the swim platform and the lovely teak ladder Harvey was so proud of. It is warm, but not hot like it can be here, so it isn't so hard to work. In the afternoon Mary, Pam and I spent some time in the local Dollar Store which was absolutely full of new stock coming in - piles of boxes everywhere so it was hard to get around! We had some good laughs just getting everyday supplies.

By the end of the day Mike was tired and his back was sore from his exertions, so we had a quiet evening. Surprise! The power came back on! Mike got to watch TV again, and saw from the local news that there is extensive damage on the coast - Fort Lauderdale is 95% out of power with full restoration not expected until the 20th of November. The boat show is postponed (very large show) which is disappointing to many who planned to update equipment. We called the gentleman who is interested in buying Some Goode to let him know we are here and the boat survived yet another hurricane unscathed.

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