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Luckily it was just the passenger seat in the cabin

The Zig Zag railways and its viaducts

The way to stop trains in these parts

Falls leadin up to main event

Wentworth Falls

Our Zig Zag railway adventure was pretty confusing. Despite all the advice and leaflets that we had been given by the friendly staff at the information bureau and the train station no one had simply told us that people usually start there return journey at the top of the line and work down, but as we had come by train we would be doing it all backwards.

Even the very helpful man who met us from the train and diverted us from following the path to the Zig Zag platform with an ad hoc tour of the rail sheds didn't make it clear to us what was going on. In fact, we just had to escape from this rather fanatical young rail enthusiast and sat in the sunshine waiting for something to happen. We missed the official tour of the rail sheds and were a little disappointed when we finally got on board the train and all too quickly had reached the top of the valley where everyone got off, but we were treated to something a little special.

The train had to continue up the track beyond the Clarence Station and on to track that is slowly being laid along the original line. Some volunteers had been laying a few more sleepers and needed to be collected. I even got to sit passenger in the drivers cab.

On the way back down the tour started properly, we stopped en route to learn some of the history of the Zig Zag railway, and got back to the Bottom Points, where our journey had begun, just in time to flag down the 2.00pm train back down the line.

Instead of heading back to Katoomba, the village where we had stayed we continued on to Wentworth and completed another walk to the Wentworth Falls. We then headed back to Katoomba and had to drag ourselves and all our bags back up the hill to the train station once more. We have somehow accumulated far too much stuff - another shipment home beckons. The 4 bottles of Tooheys that Danny insisted we take from the Free Shelf didn't help.

Exhausted on the train we decided at the last minute to head out to Bondi so we could hit the beach first thing in the morning.

Day 243 complete.

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