The Big Adventure 2005 travel blog

Boatbuilding at Assilah

The "beautiful" beach north of Assilah

Beautiful when you can't see the rubbish

Shane the surfer- check out the "lack of" surf...

Delicious tajine and fresh seafood- yum!

The Imam woke us early and then we were off to the bus station- 20 dhs each got us a 2 hour bus ride via Tanger to Assilah. A guy tried to scam/rob us out of ,money at the bus station but Brian chased and challenged him shouting 'thief, thief' so the guy gave back the money and took off- not a nice start to the trip but these things sometimes happen- our Ripoff fund nearly doubled!

It was more than compĂȘnsated by a nice young woman walking us to our hotel in Assilah, going out of her way to show us where it was.

Nice hotel, but we are paying NZD50 a night as we will be here a few days waiting for Shane to arrive. Walked through the beautiful Medina- all whitewashed walls covered with murals so really attractive, until we reached the ramparts where everyone gathers to watch the sunset ( and where the boys and girls gather in their separate groups.....).

Later we tried a LP recommended restqurqnt and ate very well on Morrocan salad, fish soup, followed by a lamb Tajine with vegetables- yum. All for NZD14 each-wow!

23 Oct- our first time to meet Shane came and went, so in the afternoon we walked out to the train station a kilometer away only to arrive in time to see him disappear in a taxi towards town. Back we trudged along the beach to find him at the hotel.

Went off for a late lunch and a general catchup after 8 months- so good to see him and get all the news from home.

24 Oct. Hired a taxi and set off 3 kms out to Paradise Beach for a day of swimming and surfing ( Shanes board just fits into a car). Water nice and clear and warm so after a couple of swims and the same amount of surfs we headed back for a siesta and dinner.

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