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We arrived in the evening and took a bus to Causeway bay on HK island. We had reserved a room in the Wang Fat hostel but they were very disorganised and not very helpful. In the end they found us a horrible little room which we put up with for the night. They told us we had to change the following day, and so we decided to have a look around. We found a lovely room in the Rosedale hotel (a suite !) and as it was our final few days we decided to blow our budget !!!!!!

While in HK we looked around Causeway bay, Wan Chai and Central. We took the peak tram up to Victoria peak to see the views of the city. We also took a walk at the top but there were hundreds of school kids around so it wasnt very peaceful !

We went to Stanley market one afternoon to see the different stalls. It is quite touristy but we managed to pick up a christmas decoration and a painting !

We took the jet foil out to Macau which is actually a different country (we forgot our passports the first time we tried to leave !). We took a walk around Macau and ate lunch in a good restaurant. Macau is more basic than HK and has a poorer feel to it. The East Asian games had just started and the centre was quite quiet.

On the Saturday night we went to the temple street market for a look around. Monica had her palm read and we still dont believe any of it, the responses were so general, and guess what.... they were all positive !!! We then took the star ferry across to central and went to the bar area of Lang Kwai Fong where Halloween celebrations were in full swing. Loads of people had dressed up and the place was packed. We sat in a german bar drinking and then went to another bar where we could watch everyone in the street. We left at about 3am back to our hotel.

On our last full day we had another walk around and went to the Pacific Place shopping mall. Nick picked up two suits that he had had made and in the evening we went out for a chinese meal.


Rosedale Hotel - Great rooms and a lovely place ! Expensive though

American Peking - Delicious peking duck and the rest of the food was pretty damn good aswell. (A little touristy)

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