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Unfortunately we had to leave Yangshuo but we are heading towards the Yangzi River to visit Mili. Mili is teaching English in Jiujiang so it was a trip to Guilin then a 16 hour train journey to see her. I am starting to realise that transport here sucks. The train was pretty bad.It goes standing, hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper, soft sleeper. Tickets are hard to come by and so we were only able to get hard seats. Not good for a 16 hour overnight journey.


Upgrading the tickets was the main priority, a task never made easy by the demon staff behind the counter. Fortunately Dave the super man was a hero and valiantly fought the woman using only his wit and charm to eventually save the day. Having been at the counter for a few minutes now, managing to arrive first somehow, dave realised that the list people were writing on may, in fact, be something relevant to our situation. Like a trooper, he wrestled the pen from a smelly peasant and proceeded to add our names to the list- a task hampered by over-zealous onlookers amazed at his chinese writing ability. When the ugly snake reared her head from behind the counter dave struck up a conversation which went like this:

DAVE: We should be up here at the top of the list

SNAKE LADY: How is that then?

DAVE: Because we were here first

SNAKE: You didnt write your name on the list first

DAVE: Well if I couldnt write chinese it wouldnt be there at all, in fact, what would I do if i couldnt write chinese HMMMMMM?

SNAKE: hahahaha, cracks under the pressure of daves expert conversationality.

Getting a bit long winded so will wrap it up.


Right well anyway it took alot of persuading and a couple of hours later we were happy and sleeping in a hard sleeper (bunk bed thing) Onwards to Jiujiang.

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