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Cross shore wind Hossigor Quicksilver Pro 2005

Jodie Taking the Drop, Hossigor France

Low Tide, Old French Army Pods, they are HUGE. Used in WW2.

View from South Biarritz.

Hi there all

Welcome to our new Website, something we would have loved to have started in the beginning, however it is now only 44 days till we leave this island and fly back to the southern islands.

The pics are a couple that we took on our last trip to France and Spain a few weeks ago. We managed to experience what the true meaning of "stupid poms" really is. Well it happened in San Sebastian in Spain, Jodie and I decided to sit on the beach in between surfs and no joke we were only on the beach for 20 minutes and as you can imagine when you live in England, ones skin takes on a British blue glow, even after a full summer here!!!!! (this is the only brit trait that we picked up, no funny accents) and getting back to Spain, we ended up like two very red / pink backed tourist's. Never to be repeated, you really do not realise how even a post winter Aussie or Kiwi tan is so much more tougher than that of those who live over here, us included. It really did surprise me how our bodies adapted to this island, oh and not to mention the fact that the Heathrow injection has finally got us both. For those of you who do not know what this is it is an injection generally given to all Aussies and NZers on arrival into England. It works two fold. First, it protects all those little patriotic cells that you never thought you had until you stood on British soil, yep the ones that make you start saying G'day to everyone you see just to show that you are a rare and exotic species called a AUSSIE or the Kiwi counter cells, like the ones that make you grow these green little stones around your neck to say Yep I come from the distant Land where Lord of the Rings was Filmed.

The second part to the injection generally happens to females within 3 months of stepping off the boat and to males within 6 months. It is some weird kind of enzyme that turns mussel into fat, expands the waist line by anything up to 5 notches on the belt and has been documented in rare cases to add as many as 3 extra chins. There are other less sever side effect like the constant need to talk about the grey skies, the need to not smile even if you are feeling happy and the acceptance of many many things that you would have never considered as normal everyday life anywhere else on the planet.

Oh shit I really could go on about all the little things, but that is not the aim of this web page.... Ah that's where I was, Jodie and I did not receive this injection until the last flight back from France....I guess the good thing is that we landed at the stanstead airport (not heathrow) and they are not up to speed with dose levels there, thus we have only added a notch on the belt which I am sure will be lost on the long boat ride back down under.

..mmm I have just been corrected (by Jodie) she got the her dose when we drove back from our Big Europe Trip in "Lucy the Kombi" and then recieved a Booster at stanstead.

On that note this concludes the first entry, please stay tuned for further updates in the coming 44 days.


J & K

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