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Inca ruins at Pisac

Amazing agricultural terracing

Mud hut construction

Looking up at the ruins

Local Peruvian Woman

Mark on the climb

Flora and terracing

Kel taking a rest

The Sacred Valley

Trekking around the ruins

Local boys playing in the doorway

Market chaos

Local fruit & veg

Natural dyes, wet them and they made the most unique colours

One Llama baby rug... (No Ann, no special news)

Sunday is market day in Pisac, a small community out of Cusco. We piled into a full suburban "collectivo" - what we thought was a civilised bus service - until an equal number of locals crammed in on route. Dodging llamas, donkeys and the odd cow, we arrived in the bustling market town and visited the Inca ruins. After an hour of exploring and great photos, we hiked back down to town.

We spent the afternoon lunching and exploring the labarynth of local stalls offering all ends of Inca wares. Somehow, in week 2 of 52, we have acquired a large Alpaca baby rug, an oil painting of a very cute local girl, Mark's obligatory beer t-shirt and Kel's obligatory pair of earrings!! Not a good start when we left London at 20kg each....

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