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We had decided on Senga Bay first back in Livingstone, so set off on the 26th on a fairly claustrophobic mini-bus journey to the lake.

We got off in a town about 20km away and then onto our first pick-up truck journey to the bay. We shared the pick-up about 20 locals, 2 geeses, a catfish and 4 long pieces of corrugated iron. (Several of the locals were actually standing on the iron instead of the truck, but I decided not to risk upsetting the already tenuous stability of the vehicle by letting them know!)

We took a brief detour into a mud hut village to drop of the corrugated iron to be used (in one of the more opulent households) as a roof and then headed for Steps Campsite.

Coming to Senga Bay unfortunately necessitated that hellish introspective nightmare that is camping in Africa (the tent has all the feautures of a pressure cooker by the evening, with mosquitos thrown in for added spice). I think you'll agree from these pictures though that Senga Bay was quite tranquil. We stayed for a couple of nights - reading, writing, drinking and sunbathing.

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