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Looks like the monostary is carved directly out of the rock!

Oh, the kind of things that churches keep

Imagine if you lived in this house??

A little closer to heaven

Of course, there are cats in a Greek monastary

Just us!


Man has made some rather incredible things, and many times you can only wonder how in the world they ever made such a thing. That's how we felt when we first set eyes on the monastaries of Meteora. Seemingly carved out of the rocks themselves, the monastaries sit atop of spires reaching towards the sky. We are sure they felt closer to God living behind those walls. We can't help but be inspired as we walked from room to room. We must say, however, the art of those of the Greek Orthodox is rather dark. Much of the artwork painted on the walls of the church is of the torturing of the Greek Christians by the Turks during a period they call neomartyrdom, where many Christians were brutally tortured for not converting to Islam. So, the paintings depict people being boiled, burned, cemented inside walls, drawn and quartered, etc. A lot of blood in their paintings. Nevertheless, the Greeks feel as if these neomartyrs saved their religion and hold them with their highest regard and respect. So, we left Meteora with further reminders of how lucky we are this day and age.

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