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Amphitheatre - Pompeii.

Painting in one of the houses - Pompeii.

A house - Pompeii.

The streets of Pompeii.

Note the penis on the wall - it's a sign of fertility...

A street of Pompeii with Mt Vesuvius looming in the background -...


The baths - Pompeii.

The baths - Pompeii.

Plaster mould of body found in ashen remains of Pompeii.

Plaster mould of body found in ashen remains of Pompeii.



Sel, Lisa and Nicki - Pompeii.

Sign posted on Adriatic Ferry cabin door by the boys.

Bags to coach 6.45am, breakfast at 7am and on the road at 7.30am.

During our long drive to the ferry we stopped off to do a quick guided tour of Pompeii. In AD 79 Vesuvio erupted and buried Pompeii in burning fragments of pumice stone. It killed about 2,000 people. Pompeii was amazing! It was way bigger than I ever thought it would be. It must have taken them forever to uncover it all. The ruins provide an insight into the daily life of ancient Romans. Pompeii was once a resort town for the wealthy and the vast ruins include impressive temples, a forum, an ampitheatre and streets lined with shops and homes. Some mosaics and frescoes are still intact. Vesuvio stands in the background overlooking the town. Our guide took us through the streets which had cool stepping stones that served as pedestrian crossings when mud was running down the streets and also slowed the coaches down. He showed us the Pompeii version McDonalds and the baths and a few houses. We saw plaster casts of people caught in time, frozen forever as they were covered in ash. It was really interesting to see the advanced thinking behind the layout of the city. I filled my water bottle from a water fountain there. It felt pretty special drinking water flowing through pipes that had been there so long (though they've probably been replaced). It was a great experience.

Tonight we arrived at Brindisi to catch our ferry across to Greece. I am rooming with Karima, Nicky and Marianne. Our rooms are pretty good, considering it's a ferry. We have our own bathroom even. I decided to use the 10 euro meal deal Andrew organised for us. yout got a lot of food and I was really full. We partied out on the deck. I ordered a vodka and lemonade and a good 3/4 of the cup was vodka - definitely very liberal with the alcohol!! I went to bed about 12.30 as I still don't feel well.


10 euro - dinner.

2.20 euro - coke.

6 euro - drink @ bar on ferry.

1.65 euro - lollies.

1.25 euro - toilet x 4.

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