2003 Motorcycle Trip travel blog

I left Santa Barbara at about 11:30 after having a nice breakfast with Hava at Cajun Kitchen. I was hoping to make it about 150 miles before having to stop for the first time, but no such luck was to be had by me. Just west of Santa Paula I rode through a swarm of bees! Bee guts were everywhere...the windshield, my helmet, my gloves. Fortunately the stop was somewhat short and did not impede my trip for too much time. Everything else on the ride went pretty well. Hit a little traffic and quite a bit of heat, but I didn't let either one of them get the best of me. I ended up arriving in Las Vegas at about 6:00 in the evening. Stopped for a quick beer at Mandalay Bay Casino and called Joe Dempsey. I had dinner with Joe, his fiancé Alice, and another friend of theirs. After dinner we went to a new Las Vegas bar called Nine Fine Irishmen. The bar was cool, but a bit too loud for any of us. We took off after two beers and just went home.

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