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The hike up to Franz Joseph Glacier was well worth it. You could walk right up to the tow of the glacier and touch it. While we were there, we watched as worker from one of the local tour companies that do guided walks right onto the glacier was cutting a track on the side of the glacier. Looked like pretty hard work!!! After soaking in the view and a few rays, we made some Inukshuks and left them to enjoy the view in our absence.

When we got to Arthur's Pass, the skies were overcasted. Wanting to get a better view of the pass in the morning, we chose to free camp at Klondike's Corner, just outside of Arthur's Pass Village. We had an unobstructed view of the mountain vista, with no neighbors parked right next to us, and no reason to rush in the morning as there was no checkout time. It a bit cold at night, but still, it was great!

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