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It's SUNNY!!!!!! Nothin' but blue skies!!!! It poured all night and we went to bed hoping it would clear up a bit by morning.

We motored over to the dock and onto our 3 mast sailboat! This boat had lots of character, it was great! Eventually, the captain let out one of the sails just for ambiance --they don't ever use them for sailing. Funny that.

Milford Sound was a lot wider than Doubtful Sound and the scenery is a lot more dramatic here at Milford Sound. At times, sheer rock walls came straight up and out of the water --we've never seen that anywhere else before --no rocky beach or slope, just a sheer wall that would eventually give way to a slope to the peak of the mountain. Most of the mountainsides that came down to the water had odd, moss covered trees. Snow capped mountains lined both sides of the sound.

There were plenty of waterfalls here too. The captain pulled the boat right up to Fairy Falls, which came down in sheets of mist. It was really neat. He eventually pulled the front of the boat right into the path of the waterfall so that it was spilling onto the deck.

We saw yellow crested penguins again!

In the evening, we went across Lake Te Anau to a cave, where we travelled in small groups on boats that were pulled by our guide using a series of ropes that were suspended from the ceiling of the cave. The worms gave off a small blue glow. There were tonnes of them! Neat!

What an awesome day it's been!!!

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