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Christine with Lady Christina on Magazine Cover

We were up bright and early for breakfast, check out and a short walk to the bus for Heathrow. The further we went the foggier it got, so it was no surprise to discover flights were cancelled and delayed. There appeared to be large lines, possibly to re-arrange flights, etc., but we used the electronic check in and were rid of our bags in a few minutes. We explored Terminal 1 and came across a magazine in the book shop showing a yacht on the cover - the Lady Christina - the same one we had seen and photographed in Portofino. If we read the cover correctly it appeared to indicate it cost 62 Million, but we are not sure if that is Pounds Sterling or Euros. Either way it was expensive. Subsequent to writing the above, we have discovered the statistic in fact related to the length of the yacht, 62 metres, not its cost. We do not know how much it is worth.

We picked up sandwiches and had lunch, then went into the departure lounge as indicated on the board, trusting our flight was not affected. We waited and eventually they announced that we were delayed by ten minutes, which ended up being 45, however we were fortunate as some of our fellow passengers were from an earlier flight which had been cancelled and the first class section of the plane had two aircraft crews who were being re-deployed, presumably as a result of the disruptions due to the fog.

We had a good flight in first class seats in the first row of economy class, with economy class service. With fog and low cloud there was not much to be seen.

Graeme, our nephew, was waiting for us in Edinburgh and we soon had our luggage and were on our way. We enjoyed catching up with his news as he had been in Canada while we were in Europe and had stayed with Darcy and Fiona. We took Nan's car and left for Perth in somewhat of a quandry as to what to do about dinner. We were arriving there around 5:00 PM. Many restaurants close about that time after serving "high tea", and others do not open till 6 or 6:30 PM for dinner. After a futile attempt to find a place to eat we went to Tescos and got some ready made meals and went to Christine's Dad's apartment where we were staying in the guest room. We dropped our cases and went to his apartment and talked and got our meals heated up and eaten. Christine's brother Rob and Fiona came in and we spent the evening talking about our holiday experiences.

While we were talking, our daughter, Fiona, phoned. It was good to talk to her and hear her and Hunter's voices for the first time in several weeks.

This feels like the first leg of our return trip and the reality that our vacation is almost over is beginning to sink in.

Tomorrow we have some shopping to do in Perth and will have dinner with Rob and Fiona.

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