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Fattail sheep at Frazer Station

Longest straight road - pity about the graffiti

Frazer Station 19 Sep

We decided that on our way back east we would stop at the same places that we did on the way over. We know these stops are OK, but from talking to other travellers we were advised not to stop at certain localities as they were subject to problems of various types.

First stop on the way was topping up the car at the big BP roadhouse at Norseman in case we repeated our bad luck and managed to find headwinds again. Frazer Station was a welcome sight as we did get excess petrol consumption due to wet roads and crosswinds. Easy early getaway as we didn't need to unhitch. This time we saw some sheep close by - to prove it was a real sheepstation. They were a little unusual, apparently 'fat-tail sheep' raised for export - they look funny with those tails.

Petrol again and a cup of coffee at Balladonia Roadhouse. This stopover has an interactive museum including parts of skylab that fell nearby - similar to the museum in Esperance. For an outback roadhouse it is a very well done display.

The next stretch of road between Balladonia and Caiguna is the longest straight stretch of road in Australia - 146 Km, it seems to go on forever. In spite of the signs warning of wildlife, mostly all you see is roadkill. The only wildlife I think we were at risk of hitting were some emus on the road verge - and they were more interested in getting back into the bushland.

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