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Market (2)

Peruvian girl

Backdrop to market

Market (3)

Market (4)

Market (5)

Llama and alpaca

Stone pillars to the Gods

Peruvian girl above Chivay

Chivay hostal

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon (2)

Me at Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon (3)

Still at Colca Canyon

Bel and Janine

Girls watching condors

Bel and I bird-watching

Best Condor picture

Condor in thermal


Condor coming from behind rock

Condor (2)

Condor (3)

Flying close

Two condors

Condor (4)

This was absolutely awesome and the landscape quite incredible and just what I thought Peru would be like (not so much like the dry, arid coastline that we drove down).

Taking the bus to Chivay we stopped regularly to see llamas, alpaca, stone pillars to the Gods and a local market. The town of Chivay is set within the mountains and is spectacular. At the evening meal we were entertained by a local band who played for us and got a number of our group up dancing!

An early rise the following morning meant we arrived at Colca Canyon in time to see about 5 condors rising on the thermals as the canyon heated up. They were very dramatic, coming very close to us with wing-spans of up to 2-3m. Colca Canyon itself is the second deepest in the world at 2300m, the deepest being slightly further up north in Peru. The Grand Canyon is nearly half this depth!

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