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Sicilian cactus

Piazza della Vergogna


Cannolo stop

Piazza dei Quattro Canti

After dinner we went to the theater to watch GRAFFITI , a show with the Seventies music. The songs were arranged in a modern way: I didn’t recognize any of them, but Laura did; in any case the result was very enjoyable.

Today we reached Palermo. Our excursion was canceled due to low number of participants, but fortunately we were able to book a different tour. It was a walking visit (oh no! Miles again!) through the main landmarks of Palermo. While disembarking, a MSC employee gave us rain ponchos… we were puzzled; before leaving the ship another guy asked us if we have already had any rain poncho … we were VERY puzzled; we reached our guide who was waiting for us just outside the ship. Guess what were the first words he said? ‘Do you have a rain poncho’? We panicked… walking several hours under the rain, even with a rain poncho, was not an exciting expectation! Fortunately we didn’t need the poncho; the weather was pleasant and the walk was nice. We saw teatro Massimo, piazza dei Quattro Canti, piazza della Vergogna (with some spicy stories) and several other monuments and churches. In front of Palermo Cathedral we had a nice stop: we discovered that the tour included local tastes! We enjoyed a small Sicilian cannolo (a ‘cannolicchio’ actually) and a Sicilian granita, pomegranate flavored.

When we got back to the ship Samsung Health said we walked eight miles,and the figure will increase before night.

We took advantage of our prepaid alcohol free package to get two iced orange juices in one of the several lounges: not only we didn’t have rain, but instead the sun was quite hot (we are in Sicily after all) and we were exhausted!

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