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The Snowy Mountains (that's their name, not their condition)

Skiers, skiing.

Different story in the valley floor

Freezing at the top, 22° down here.

It looks like pretty good fun. I might try it someday...when I...

Riding the ski lift for no real reason at all.

Day trip #2 from Canberra.

This had to made on the Greyhound and was made more testy because of another issue transport.

I had to be at the station at 03:40hrs. There is no public transport at that time. The Hostel was 5km from town so I had a nice walk to get the day started. It was freezing too ~ literally but at least the cold air kept me awake.

Thredbo is where you go to in Australia if you want to go skiing or boarding. The Snowy Mountains have the best slopes so both are very popular in Winter. This was why there was no accommodation free and why I had to return the same day instead of stopping overnight.

The hightest mountain in Australia is here too; Mt. Kosciuszko ~ a towering 2228m. Not much to shout really, but I liked the idea of climbing it.

In the end this was not possible. When the snows come, the slopes go over the top of the walking tracks and the markers are pulled out. This, and a lack of Ice axe or crmapons, made the climb impossible. I got up to about 800m but could go no further because I could no longer get any grip and my knees were killing me.

I did not have the money or the million dollar jacket required for skiing lessons so settled for taking a ride on the ski lift instead.

There were a couple of easy walks at the bottom of the valley where the sun was warm and it really was t-shirt weather. Thus to be looking up at where you'd just come from, with the snow and ice, was a bizarre feeling indeed.

After scribbling a last batch of pastcards, I was quite ready to be going back and no longer bothered about not staying overnight.

The Greyhound got back into Canberra at about 7:30pm and it was then that I discovered the now ceased bus service, so I had a nice walk back to the Hostel.

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