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Professional picture

Professional picture

Galleria Grandiosa dome

Galleria Grandiosa dome

Light breakfast


Chocolate shop

Chocolate Olaf

Chocolate Grandiosa

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We were quite disappointed to miss Naples excursion, but, after all, it was time to relax on board. Samsung Health says that we walked nine miles today. Mostly it was due to the walking tour of Rome, but also moving along the ship is quite demanding. Grandiosa is long almost five hundreds meters; our stateroom is in the very back of the ship with elevators/ stairs at the center of the ship. So every time we go somewhere and return, we have to take into account half mile of walk.

After dinner it was time for some pictures. We purchased a digital photo package that, for a fixed price, gives us access to the electronic version of all the pictures taken by professional photographers on the ship.

Before going back to our stateroom we enjoyed a special effects show on the dome of the Grandiosa gallery with animations taking life above us. Really impressive.

Today we docked at Naples. Actually it was just to disembark people who started their cruise here; for the rest it's the equivalent of a day at sea. Without excursions we decided to sleep a little more and to have just a light breakfast. Opposite to yesterday when we just had a packed lunch, today we were in the position to have a real lunch so I just had, as light breakfast, a cheese omelette with potato, baked beans with tomato and hash brown, a piece of cherry cake, a fruit salad, a baked apple, two glasses of pineapple juice and an expresso.

After breakfast we went to the upper deck to take pictures of the Vesuvius. It’s a very pleasant weather considering we are mid December. Some people, nordics I assume, were sun bathing near the pool (about 15c here).

Time for some reservations. We booked the evening theater and decided to try one of the several speciality ( = extra fee) restaurants. We selected Teppanyaki for Friday evening; after all we were supposed to be in Japan in this period, so the restaurant fits well.

After a (really) quick lunch and a nap we explored the shops of the ship and purchased some logo souvenirs. The chocolate shop is really impressive, with chocolate sculptures and we will take advantage of it before debarkation.

Time to eat again; this is the mediterranean night with offers typical of various mediterranean countries. We had two salmons, two salads, two mussaka and two baklava. It was supposed to be one salmon, one salad and one each of the rest, but our waiter understood two of everything… we will not starve.

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