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The assembly drill was very strange. Actually we met in the theater, a MSC employee gathered everybody asking to be followed. He led us until the opposite part of the ship and, after reaching a lounge, he told us that, in case we hear the alarm whistle, we have to gather there… and left! Let’s hope to have just lost half hour and that we will never have to experience a Titanic- like adventure …

We visited Guest Relations desk to fix a couple of technical issues (photo package not appearing as pre-purchased and internet on wife mobile not working); when everything was working, it was quite late; after a quick shower it was already 7PM : dinner time.

The restaurant was almost empty. No surprise here: other cruise lines have just one embarkation port to start and finish cruises; MSC has a different approach: they embark people in each port, in this period the approach helps a lot to speed up the boarding process with less people to be tested in each port. From a commercial point of view they sell different cruises, for instance one cruise starts from Genoa on the 6th, another one from Civitavecchia the 7th and a third one from Naples the 8th, but it’s always the same ship boarding people in different ports. Actually due to cruise stop next week, decided by Italian government, nobody was embarked in Civitavecchia, while several people disembarked (Rome is the main gathering place). With the few disembarking in Naples and Palermo we will finish the cruise with only passengers embarked in Genoa the 13th. According to the MSC mega galactic manager we met previously, just 420 passengers boarded in Genoa; they were expecting 470 people, but 50 of them didn’t find the escape room game solution and were not able to board. The ship can accommodate 6000 people, so being just a few hundreds on board, this gives the impression of an empty ship. Which is also good for social distancing by the way.

For dinner Laura had pork with tuna sauce as appetizer while I chose a potato and lentils soup, followed by saltimbocca Roma style (wife) and falafel (me). Wife asked cheese to finish while I ordered a chocolate cake. Actually our waiter arrived with a fruit salad and a sort of mousse, we decided not to argue and started to eat… after a few minutes the waiter was back apologizing to have given us somebody else dessert and served our cheese and tarte, asking us, please, to eat everything, otherwise he will have problems with his boss… so we shared the four desserts.

After dinner we had a bad surprise: our Naples excursion was canceled because, being Campania ‘orange’, people were not allowed to leave the ship. We are not sure if this is the case or instead a form of retaliation ordered by Mr. De Luca, one of the most COVID vocal governors, to protest because Campania was not ‘yellowized'.

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