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We're back at The Great Outdoors after our little side trip to Lake Okeechobee. Normally, when you get back from a trip, you need to unpack, but when you travel in your house, there's nothing to unpack, because it's already hanging in your closet. Ken backed into our lot, plugged in the electric cord, pushed four buttons to make the slides come out and it felt as if we had never left.

We noticed that a number of campers as well as the people who live here in homes have begun decorating for Christmas.

After fifty years of marriage, we have accumulated a treasure trove of holiday decor, much of it from our travels, and I really enjoy putting it out every December. But it didn't make sense to haul boxes of stuff down here from home and live with it until spring when we anticipate traveling back. Not wanting to be a Scrooge I brought four strings of microlights and Ken added a laser projector to our holiday tableau. Now we have to consider how to decorate our golf cart for the parade at the end of the week...

Friends invited us to go out to lunch at a mostly outdoor restaurant miles from civilization in the middle of the wetlands that surround us. We drove there separately which felt strange, but sharing confined air space these days seems like a bad choice. Once we got to the Jolly Gator, we had a hard time hearing each other talk at times, because the restaurant functioned like a drive in for air boats. Some fishing may have been involved, but it appeared that the appeal of driving an airboat was mostly revving the engine. The menu included items that could have been found anywhere, but many others were clearly Florida. We sampled the skunk cabbage soup, which was hearts of palm in a tomato based broth and I enjoyed an alligator po'boy sandwich. Maybe those airboat drivers delivered all the raw materials fresh from the swamp. It was great to sample new things, especially if I didn't have to cook them.

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